That "Should You Date Nate" Website Was Apparently A Joke But We're Not Buying It

by Candice Jalili

If you paid any attention to the internet last week, you might have come across a mega-nerd named Nate Rafkin, who created a legit insane website trying to convince women (but only hot women who meet his MANY requirements!!) to date him. Now, Nate himself has come out to say (on his website, no less) that Should You Date Nate isn't real. Well, at least, according to Nate, it's not.

In fact, on the site, he went so far as to call it "one of the most successful PR campaigns of 2017." And if that didn't make you keel over laughing enough in and of itself, he calls the scheme a "genius way to meet smart, beautiful women...and...ignite the most badass PR stunt of 2017." I CAN'T STOP BARFING. SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!

He has since taken down the original website, and now, the Date Nate website has been replaced with a painfully cringeworthy page, filled with him tooting his own horn and talking about how great he is for pulling off the "most successful PR campaigns of 2017." He's so sure that his accomplishment is so great, that he's even offered to show you how he did it:

I'm going to teach all this 100% FOR FREE. But not to everyone. Some of the best stuff will be kept behind-the-scenes. However, for the next few days, you can get access for FREE.

Yep, barf. Obviously, the internet isn't buying his whole this-was-all-a-joke thing. I mean, how are we supposed to think this guy is capable of a funny joke?

And don't even get me started on the "requirements" his original website listed for the perfect woman he was looking for. You know, he was just a dude looking for a really hot, thin, young girl with a great personality, who is also "intelligent, healthy, happy, ambitious, spiritual"! That's TOTALLY not too much to ask!

Obviously, he also had specifications for the kind of woman he doesn't want to date as well. Don't you dare party too much or be anything other than a slender woman if you're trying to date Nate! This also came along with a long list of other things you can't be, including but not limited to, non-spiritual or a fan of reality TV.

And yes, he was gaining publicity for this site, but according to Twitter, it doesn't look like it was good publicity.

Here's my biggest issue with Nate. Even if his site really was a "joke," his explanation on the updated site doesn't address the fact that the stuff he said about the type of woman he was looking for was pretty offensive. Instead, he just says the site was basically a way for him to gain some notoriety while meeting hot chicks.

So should you date Nate? You decide.

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