7 Signs Your Crush Can Turn Into Something More Serious

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

Having a crush on someone is ridiculously fun. Before a crush turns into a relationship, it is in that incredibly exciting, nervous, giggly, idiotic phase where you can't stop obsessively thinking about them. No matter what goes on, your brain always finds a way to bring something back to them. But you may want to do more than just think. You may be wondering, "Should I date my crush?"

Although having a crush is super fun (after all, who doesn't like the endless daydreaming and doodling their name and obsessing over tiny details of their Insta?), starting to date your crush is even more fun, mainly because (if all goes well) it will involve lots of kissing and other fun touching.

If you are wondering about dating your crush, you may be looking for some signs they really like you, too, to see if things can get more serious. If you're in the throes of a deep crush, it can be hard to tell if your crush might actually have feelings for you or if you are just projecting. Luckily, there are some easy ways to tell if your crush is into you, too, and if the two of you should go on that date already.

1. They Are Always Around

Do you feel like every time you turn around, your crush is hanging out around you? It may not be a coincidence. If your crush likes you, too, they'll probably be just as nervous as you are about saying anything or making the first move. If this is the case, they might spend a lot of time sort of "accidentally" hanging around you, so they can be near you without having to do any real work.

Take heart, because that probably means they'll be really receptive to being around you on purpose — like, on a date. So, you know, maybe you should ask them on one! Either way, if you find that your crush hangs on to you like peanut butter to jelly, that's a good sign the two of you could end up dating.

2. They Communicate First

Buzz, buzz. It's your phone's text alert going off. Oh, and hey, look! It's your crush!

If you're crushing on someone, chances are you text them pretty frequently, too. But if many of your communications happen because your crush was the first one to initiate contact (and if a lot of the times, it seems like they are just making up reasons to talk to you) this is a sure sign they are into you. Someone who just thinks of you as a friend wouldn't be texting so much, especially for no reason.

Next time you get that buzz, go ahead and write back with, "Oh, hey, wanna go on a date?" (Or, you know, something far more romantic that only you and your crush will fully appreciate because I am terrible at pick up lines.)

3. They Ask About Your Life

If it seems like your crush always wants to hear about your boring job or your awful roommate, buckle up and get ready for a potential new relationship.

Although friends often know the details of each other's lives, someone who has a crush on you as well will go out of their way to ask you about the things that affect your day-to-day life. Even if you feel awkward talking about it, someone who likes you a lot will probe to find out about what you do in a typical day and whom you interact with. Not to mention, they might be digging to find out if there's a partner already in your picture.

When your crush can't get enough of your average, every day, sort of blah stories, it can mean they really like you and things could progress into something more serious.

4. They're Physically Affectionate

Since the two of you aren't in a relationship, it's not likely that your crush will be cuddling or kissing you in public. That said, if they like you, too, they probably find ways to subtly touch you here or there. It could be as simple as brushing the hair out of your eyes, or it could be giving you a back rub when you're both sitting around somewhere.

Someone who wasn't that into you wouldn't waste their time trying to get close to you, let alone actually touching you. Not only that, but your crush might even be trying to show you they also care without being too obvious. And playful, fun, happy touches are the perfect way to do this. If this sounds like your crush, what are you waiting for?! Ask them out already.

5. They Compliment You

"I really like that sweater." "Those shoes look good at you." "You look pretty today."

Do those sound familiar? If you feel like being around your crush is sometimes like hanging out with minions who endlessly compliment you (in a good way), it's a great sign that your crush is into you, too. Maybe throw some compliments back their way including a "Hey, you know what you'd look great in? A car with me on our way to a date."

6. They Ask About You

Someone who is into you but may not be ready to admit it yet will probably take the opportunity to ask your friends about you.

It may sound really "high school-esque" but the truth is that we all need some confidence boosts before going in on something scary. If your crush is thinking at all about asking you out or even trying to get to know you better, they may need to ask your friends more about you or even maybe check in to see if you like them, too.

If you've gotten reports that your crush has been asking after you, it could be time to try dating.

7. They Pay Attention

Have you found yourself surprised to see that your crush remembers something you said two weeks or a month ago?

Don't be shocked, because someone who likes you will hang on to the little things you say and remember the things that are important. Although you may think they're not paying attention, your crush will make an effort to store away bits of information they think they'll want later.

If you often feel stunned that your crush remembered something you don't even remember saying, this is a good sign that they like you.

Crushing is the best, but getting to date your crush is even better. While you may feel uncertain, your crush will show little signs about whether they like you too! If any of the things on this list sound like your crush, you may find yourself in a relationship sooner than you think!

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