Why There's Nothing Sexier Than Someone Who Calls You On Your Sh*t

by Ashley Fern

Finding a partner with whom you can be yourself with is probably the most exciting thing that could ever happen to you.

You have a best friend who is in it with you through thick and thin and is always down for an adventure.

But perhaps the best part about being in a relationship is the level of comfort you both reach. And with that comfort comes security.

It is only at that point of your relationship where you can really let your partner know what irks you.

I mean, unless you have someone who can call you out on your sh*t, what's the point of even being with anybody?

Don't you want a person who helps you become the best version of yourself? The one who constantly puts you and what's best for you ahead of his or herself?

In fact, getting called out on your sh*t is more than just something you want -- it's something you need.

Why? Well...

1. This person is not afraid to show you he or she knows the real you.

The facade you present to the rest of the world is not something your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to let fly.

He or she knows how you feel deep down when you're plastering a fake smile for everyone else to see.

Believe me, when you claim you're "fine," this person isn’t letting you get away with it.

2. Isn't the biggest turnoff dating someone who’s scared of you?

There is a vast difference between your partner intimidating you and your partner scaring you.

When one person constantly has the upper hand in the relationship, it creates a slippery slope because the more he or she lets you get away with, the worse your behavior will become.

All this will do is throw you both in a cycle of bullsh*t until someone (you) ends it.

3. Sexy is synonymous with challenge.

Playing hard to get is a thing for a reason, isn't it? People who call us out on our sh*t are challenging our behavior, and, honestly, is there anything more enticing?

4. It forces you to reassess yourself.

If you aren't continuously trying to grow and be a better person, then what are you doing with your life?

This is what living is all about, and it's even better when you have someone by your side helping you along the journey.

5. It's assertive and dominant.

Is there anything sexier than this? I don't think so.

6. It's pretty f*cking cool when you find someone on the same level as you.

You're a pro when it comes to calling other people off, but did you ever think you'd find someone as outspoken as you?

7. It's a sign you've reached maximum comfort levels.

Whoever said getting comfortable in a relationship is a bad thing is a moron.

Isn't that the entire point of a relationship? To find someone you can be completely yourself with?

8. It shows he or she is honest.

Why would your SO start sh*t with you for no reason?

This person usually will have a basis for his or her claims, and that is reason alone to embrace what he or she has to say.

9. It helps you become a better person.

Having a constant supporter is an amazing thing. Unfortunately, not everyone has a person like this in his or her life.

Sometimes we get lost, and these are the exact types of people we need to get us back on track.

10. It shows this person has his or her own opinions.

Despite what you try and tell your significant other, you can't sway his or her opinion.

And honestly, you shouldn't because he or she is looking at the situation as objectively as possible, with your best interests in mind.

11. It shows he or she doesn’t take the easy way out.

It's never an easy conversation calling someone out on his or her behavior. If anything, this shows how much this person cares about you and your well-being.

12. You'll never be bored.

When the conversation is always evolving and changing, it's basically impossible to get bored.

13. It shows he or she isn’t intimidated by the walls you put up.

Your SO sees past the bullsh*t everyone around you is eating up and isn’t afraid to call you out for it.

14. It shows this person cares.

You can tell a person really and truly cares about you if he or she’s willing to stop focusing on his or herself and focus fully on you.

Someone who doesn't care about you wouldn't take the time to focus on even the smallest of things when it comes to your life and behavior.

15. At the end of the day, he or she still thinks you're worth it.

If your SO didn't think you were worth the effort, he or she wouldn't be making any. So as riled up as you get, at least you know this person isn't going anywhere.

16. It shows intelligence.

A person who can separate emotion from reality is a great person to keep around.

17. This person sees your potential and makes you rise to meet it.

Anyone could let you coast along through life, but it takes a special individual to make you recognize your potential.

Even more so, a person who’s willing to call you out on your sh*t will make sure you achieve everything you both know you're capable of.