Would You Or Wouldn't You Date An Aries?

by Ashley Fern

Does a person's astrological sign really say something about his or her dating personality or overall disposition? Many people strongly believe in the stars and what they stand for, while others do not. Regardless, it's always fun to investigate such a topic and explore it in its entirety.

Currently this is the month of Aries, so we are going to take a closer look at the qualities of a person born between March 21 and April 19. Would you want to date someone of this sign? Time to whip out the pros and cons:



Why would you ever want to date a lazy person? Well, the answer is, you wouldn't. Dating a person who is constantly motivated is awesome because he or she will help to inspire you with whatever endeavors you seek to accomplish in life. An Aries will push you to reach your full potential and support you when you are feeling down.


Being clingy in a relationship can be suffocating at times, so dating someone who feels comfortable to stand on his or her own is a breath of fresh air. An Aries understands the need for space and doesn't have any issue when you want to do things on your own. In fact, he or she will most likely encourage it.


Passion is crucial in most aspects of life, but it is vital in romantic relationships. It is what helps to keep things interesting and exciting. Without a strong sense of passion, how will your partner know how you feel? With an Aries, this is a distant concern.


No one likes to be plagued with negativity, especially in personal relationships. When you are feeling down in the dumps, you don't want someone to wallow in misery with you (despite what you may think); you want someone to elevate you and make you feel better. That is exactly what your Aries partner will do with his or her positive outlook.


Fun should be the basis of all relationships (besides trust and mutual respect). You want a partner who you can enjoy all that life has to offer with. You don't want to be bored or you may develop a wandering eye. Stick with an Aries and you will be sure to have one exciting relationship.



Being competitive always adds a little spice to a relationship, but when that line gets crossed, it's not always pretty. You should not compare your salary and successes with your Aries partner. This is how fights ignite and jealousy ensues. Instead, you two should support one another in business endeavors and celebrate each other's success.


Having a temper in a relationship can be quite harmful, as your partner may say things he or she doesn't mean. It is a difficult situation to be in, especially if you deeply care about your partner because some people just can't help having a short fuse. However, if channeled and worked on in a productive manner, it doesn't always have to be an issue.


Impulsive people can be both good and bad, but when you're in an argument with someone, you better be careful. An Aries will say exactly what is on her or his mind without thinking of the ramifications. They aren't thinking about the full effect their words will have and only when it's too late do they realize. This can and most certainly will lead to hurt feelings, which is something you don't want to deal with in a relationship.


Stubbornness is never an attractive quality, regardless of the situation. In a relationship, an Aries sometimes may be unwilling to see things from another person's perspective, which can and usually will cause a lot of tension, drama and issues. It's hard to compromise with someone who is so stubborn. Aren't relationships all about sacrifices, anyway?


You know those people who pick fights over the littlest things? Well, chances are they are probably Aries. Ugh, who wants to deal with the drama of a nitpicker? Not me, that's for sure. Fighting over little things can get irritating, to the point of a breakup. Beware before you enter into a relationship with an Aries.

Overall, when you weigh the pros and cons, dating an Aries does seem like a good time.

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