Men And Women Reveal The Worst Possible Things You Could Do In Bed

by Candice Jalili

Sex is just inherently weird and embarrassing.

Yes, it's also sexy, intimate and passionate. But your naked body parts are rubbing against someone else's naked body parts until, hopefully, you both temporarily lose all control of your body and mind (AKA until you orgasm).

So obviously, weird noises, sensations and expressions are bound to happen.

But are there certain awkward sex slip-ups that are worse than others?

A new study by Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 2,000 American and European people to look into all the different ways we can kill the mood in the bedroom.

First, they asked men and women what they love and what they hate.

Men and women don't quite see eye to eye when it comes to what they would LOVE to do in the bedroom, but they do seem to agree about what they hate the most.

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Did you catch that, folks? Men and women both agree being called the wrong name in bed is the worst thing that could happen.

Men and women both agree being called the wrong name in bed is the worst thing that could happen.

So whether it's making flash cards to memorize your boo's name or just calling all of your many partners "babe" in bed, do what you have to do to avoid this.

But if you're trying to up your sex game by doing something your partner will LOVE, you can't go wrong by bringing some edible goodies into the bedroom for your girl and maybe suggesting a  little ~video taping~ for your guy.

We know these embarrassing things happen in bed, but would your partner ever break up with you over them?

In short, yes.

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Nineteen percent of respondents agreed that they would end a sexual relationship if their partner called them the wrong name.

To be honest, I get that. I'm not trying to continue boinking someone who doesn't even know my name.

What I'm more confused about here is the 14 percent of respondents who said they would dump someone just for farting?! IT'S NATURAL. THE OTHER PERSON CAN'T HELP IT. EVERYONE FARTS.

The fact that the "asked to film you" thing is so high on the list seems pretty awkward, too, considering the fact that most men agreed it would be the thing they love most.

Must be pretty awkward bringing that up when there's a 7 percent chance you'll get dumped...

Even broken down by gender, men and women agreed they'd dump people for the two common blunders.

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Really, men?! You'd rather have your PENIS BENT THE WRONG WAY than hear someone toot during sex?

Let's just agree to disagree here.