Women Are Refusing To Receive Oral From Guys Because Returning The Favor Sucks

by Candice Jalili

Whether or not you've heard the term before, most straight women are familiar with what the "orgasm gap" is.

Basically, the orgasm gap is the fact that straight dudes are more likely to orgasm during sex than we women are. Shocker!

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research helps understand a little more about why that is.

But before we get into that, let's take a minute to talk about oral sex, and why it's so important for women.

Research has historically shown that the combination of oral sex with regular P-in-V sex increases a woman's chance at orgasming. Most of us need clitoral stimulation to come, and oral sex is a great way to make that happen.

Now, this is where the study comes in.

The researchers found that straight men really want to be giving ladies oral sex more often. But researchers believe it's possible one of the reasons for this could be because men believe they need to do it first in order for their partners return the favor.

Despite the benefits of oral sex for women, the study actually found that lots of women are opting for their men not to go down on them.

Why, you ask? Well, it's because they dread having to "return the favor."

One of the study's authors, Karen L. Blair from St. Francis Xavier University, told PsyPost, “It seems that women may be reluctant to ask for oral sex from their male partners because they are not overly keen on reciprocating the act."

But there's a bigger issue here.

When we read the words "reciprocate the act," I'm sure we all assume the same thing: giving him a blow job. He went down on you, so now, it's your turn to go down on him.

Blair argues that this actually isn't reciprocating the act at all when it comes to achieving orgasm. While oral sex is the most enjoyable form of orgasm for women, vaginal penetration is the most enjoyable form for straight men.

Therefore, when it comes to "reciprocating the act," women are already returning the favor to their dudes by participating in P-in-V sex.

In fact, Blair argues that “to also experience their most satisfying orgasm, the reciprocation from their male partner should likely be performing oral sex.”

So stop worrying about "returning the favor" to your dude. Technically, you're already doing that by letting him have P-in-V sex with you.

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