What Women Really Want: Mitt Romney

by Anna Madsen

With the presidential election currently being decided and polls seeming to portray both candidates on equal levels, people are pushing like never before for their favorite candidate and prompting indecisive voters to make a choice.

Being a feminine woman with a taste for masculine men, I have always argued that handsome and masculine candidates are best suited for the job as president. Look at Kennedy for example who managed to charm Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe and a whole nation while doing his job.

Or picture the handsome and dark Nixon who managed quite well up until his minor Watergate faux pas. Clinton was an amazing president who did political wonders and who's only mistake was not to say "No comment" to whether Ms. Lewinsky had been to the Oral room, I mean Oval room or not.

So where lies the attraction in Mitt Romney? Does he share Kennedy's passion for voluptuous blondes and Clinton's flair for cigars in questionable places that have driven women to frenzy for decades?

1. Mitt Romney is an Alpha Male

Comparing Romney to the group of handsome presidents discussed above one spots a pattern; Powerful, tall and authoritative figures stand out. Their handsome look gives the impression that they are more successful with women, and thus more suitable as leaders.

It's the same concept that applies to the Alpha male in a pack of wolves - he is the leader of the pack, as well as the choice of all the females. He portrays traits such as strength, leadership skills and aggressiveness, and is thus better fitted for survival.

Just like an alpha-male, Mitt Romney has a high level of testosterone. This macho-ideal attracts females and gives the impression that he is a man with a provider-instinct. A caveman in Armani if you will. Needless to say, women like me are tapping in to that.

2. Mitt Romney is a Ladies' Man

With his tall looks, George Clooney-esque features and expensive suits he immediately grabs a woman's attention. It's the kind of man who you as a woman cuddle up to and share your concerns with and he will listen in the only way a man knows how to listen; by paying attention to only half while pondering how to solve your problems.

Suddenly he will exclaim; Ah! I have just the solution for you my dear! You need a new diamond-necklace! And you know he couldn't be more right. It's just like Oscar Wilde said: Women don't want to be understood. They want to be loved, and Mitt Romney sure knows his Wilde. Not to mention, the diamond necklace that he can afford makes my knees quiver.

3. Mitt Romney is a Daddy

The attraction in Mitt Romney is also strong for women battling with daddy-issues. As this concerns about 90% of the female population (in different degrees) Mitt either represents that intelligent, know-it all - can do father one never had, or the one that one actually did have.

I see several similarities between Mitt and my own dad: same conservative opinions represented in the form of a traditional, navy blue tie. Same light in their eye whenever a beautiful woman passes by. Same content smile whenever I am mistaken for the girlfriend. Mitt Romney represents the ultimate father figure, and as every good daughter knows: Daddy always knows best.

4. Mitt Romney is successful

Mitt is a financial genius who managed to make Bain Capital one of the most successful private equity firms in the nation and equally succeeded in creating quite a substantial wealth for himself.

Not only is this sexy from a materialistic point of view, but also from the fact that Mitt, during his bachelor years, was living in a basement as a poor student. Self-made men express ambition, determination and a hot "stop at nothing"-attitude women love to explore. As a woman you know that whatever you need, Mitt got it covered.

5. Mitt Romney is a man of taste

My argument why Obama would be the man for the job, has basically boiled down to the fact that he passes the "Beer-test". The beer-test is a test to measure each candidate's likability factor; Who would you rather sit down and have a beer with?

From polls we've learned that Obama seems to be in the lead, proving he is grounded, realistic and just a cool dude, a pedestrian, a guy you could sympathize with. But then a second factor hit me, which immediately caused worry; I don't drink beer, and neither do many of the female Elite Daily-readers.

I prefer champagne, which is where Mitt Romney comes into the picture. Mitt Romney would definitely call upon the Dom in such a situation.

Anna Madsen | Elite. 

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