7 Ways To Stretch Your Way Into A Better Sex Life

by Mariah Freya

We all want better sex, don't we? Stronger erections, more powerful orgasms, deeper pleasure, longer-lasting intercourse – yes, please!

And did you know that there is one little-known area in your body that has a HUGE impact on your sex life? If you take care of it, it will reward you with sexual bliss.

I am talking about your pelvic floor.

What is the “pelvic floor”?

Think of your pelvic floor as a trampoline. It is stretchy, but strong enough that it sits up in a flat position until someone jumps on it.

Your pelvic floor is made of several groups of muscles.

There is the PC muscle, which runs from front to back, connecting your tailbone to your pubic bone. There are the sideways muscles that join your sit bones together. There is the thick muscle that divides your anus from your genitals (in the perineum). Last, but definitely not least, there are the magic muscles that stop you from peeing your pants.

What does the pelvic floor have to do with sex?

Apart from the obvious, of course, which is that the entrance to the vagina passes through the pelvic floor.

For men as well as women, we need our organs to be held in the right place for everything to work properly. In particular, for men, good circulation is vital for strong erections, and for women, good circulation is vital for strong and deep orgasms.

Pelvic floor muscles that are weak can allow organs to sag downwards, putting pressure on the blood vessels in the area. When pelvic floor muscles are too tight, they can restrict blood flow.

And, men, those muscles that stop you peeing are exactly the ones you use to hold off ejaculation and last longer in bed. If our trampoline is firm, yet flexible, we are in the best possible position to bounce higher and higher into orgasmic bliss.

How to strengthen the pelvic floor

Lack of firmness in the pelvic floor can cause weak erections, stress incontinence (loss of urine with sneezing, laughing, jumping etc), lower back pain, and a bunch of other unpleasant effects.

Pelvic floor muscles can be tightened like any other muscle, by working out.

1. Penis weight-lifting. Get your penis erect, then use the muscles at the base to lift it up and down. You can make this a better workout by hanging a towel over the penis. If that is still really easy, try wetting the towel.

2. Peeing in bursts. For both men and women, practice interrupting the stream of your urine 2-3 times each time you go. Make sure to fully relax the muscles afterward, so you fully empty your bladder at the end.

3. Perineum lifts. Sit so that your perineum touches something (you may need a small pillow), then squeeze the perineum upwards. Try to get it completely off the chair or pillow.

4. Anus lifts. Squeeze and release the muscles around the anus.

Remember that you are trying to make the pelvic floor strong, not tight. Fully relax in between each set of squeezes. And before you start, make sure your pelvic floor is not too tight already.

Problems with an overly tense pelvic floor

Tight pelvic floor muscles can cause trouble getting erections, pain during intercourse, and urge incontinence (have the feeling of really needing to pee, but then only a few drops come out).

They can also cause reduced flexibility, and pain or tension in the hips, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and thighs.

And, just to make things really complicated, your pelvic floor can be both weak AND tense at the same time! If that is your situation, start with stretching, until the tightness is released.

Stretches for the pelvic Floor

Stretching is a gentle way to release tension and tone the pelvic floor muscles.

1. Make like a butterfly. Sit with your spine upright, and bring your feet toward your perineum, allowing your knees to fall outward. Put the soles of your feet together, and grasp your toes (or if you are less flexible, your ankles or shins).

Alternatively, you can lie your upper body back onto a support – some cushions or folded mats, for example – and allow yourself to fully relax and be comfortable. People have been known to fall asleep in this position.

2. Wide leg standing. Put your feet as far apart as you can comfortably manage. Gently shift your weight as far as it will go to one side (you may need to let your butt poke backward to really get this stretch), and hold for at least one minute. Shift to the other side for the same length of time. Repeat.

3. Nose to knee pose. Put your feet wide apart. Turn the right foot outward to 90 degrees, then turn your upper body to face the right foot. Bend the right leg to 90 degrees (knee above the ankle).

Lean forward; it is very unlikely that you will actually get your nose anywhere near your toe at first, so start by resting your right shoulder on your right thigh.

Feel which muscles are stretching around your pelvic floor area. You may need to shift your hips a little from side to side to find exactly the right position. Repeat on the other side.

Men, if you can hold this one for at least two minutes on each side, it will do wonders for “blue balls.”

So, there you have it, a workout and stretching routine for your pelvic floor.

Try it; your orgasms will thank you.

Disclaimer: This article is a reflection of the author's advice and experience. Always talk to your doctor about beginning a new health or fitness program.