9 Ways You Can Finally Put An End To Boring Sex With Your Partner

by Ella James

There are plenty of couples in relationships who are faced with hard times when it comes to bedroom affairs. Some even attest they can't remember the last time they had good sex. Some of the things that may rob you of the desire to engage in a romantic moment with your partner include fractious relationship, stressful jobs and parenting roles, just to mention a few.

If sex has become just another chore and not something special you look forward to, perhaps there are some things to blame. The good news is there are plenty of practical solutions that can help restore your sex drive.

Sex can be boring due to physical or emotional reasons.

Physical causes may include:

  • Excessive use of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Fluctuating hormonal balance
  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Poor sexual performance, eventually leading to loss of desire
  • Chronic illness or poor general health
  • Lack of chemistry with your partner
  • Menopause or pregnancy, which both alter sexual desire
  • Pelvic surgery leading to dead nerve endings in the genitals
  • Reaction from medication or recreational drugs
  • Depression

Emotional causes may include:

  • Conflicts in your relationship, resulting in frustration, guilt, sadness, anger and resentment toward your partner
  • Lack of self-esteem or low sexual self-esteem
  • Lack of sex education
  • Poor body image
  • Traumatic sexual experiences
  • A history of unsatisfactory sex
  • Poor communication with your partner
  • Severed trust
  • Tension resulting from unresolved conflicts in your relationship, prompting abstinence as the punishment

After reading the works of Tracey Cox, a British author of books about sexuality, I learned there are very many ways to rekindle your sex life if it becomes boring.

Here are nine things you can do that could help improve your sex life.

Sleep adequately every night.

Studies have shown people who fail to get adequate rest every night are more likely to experience severe hormonal imbalances compared to those who get a good night's sleep. Ensure you get about seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night to rekindle your sex life.

Control your sex drive.

Rather than waiting for your partner to turn you on, take the responsibility of your low libido. Try to find things that put you in the right mood to have sex and work on them.

Loosen your imagination.

If having sex with another person other than your partner makes you feel guilty, stop being ashamed of your fantasies. This doesn't mean you should become unfaithful, but doing it in your head is an ideal idea. In one survey, it was found about 75 percent of people use this tactic to keep their sex lives healthy.

Try alternative sex.

If you find intercourse boring, you should turn to other options such as oral sex. However, if you are not interested in any other forms of sex, consider trying them for the sake of your partner.

At least, you should try your best to give your partner the physical intimacy of a cuddle. If penetrative sex becomes boring, try to mix it up with other things that spark erotic sensations.

Focus more on sex.

Instead of avoiding sex, give it the attention it deserves. There is no harm in reading or watching more about sexual content to boost your sex drive. For example, getting exposed to sexy literature rather than thinking about sex can boost how sexy you feel.

Understand sexual satisfaction.

When it comes to sexual interactions, you should become familiar with whatever it takes to feel satisfied. This includes satisfaction both in and out of bed. Relax if you must, or ask for a massage prior to getting sexually engaged.

Make sex a priority.

If you don't have the interest or you are trying to avoid it because it is boring, it could be the last thing you are likely to do. Make it a routine with your partner to have chat time and proceed to have sex before you go to sleep. If too exhausted in the evening, make it the first thing before breakfast in the morning.

Synchronize your body clocks.

If you prefer having sex in the morning while your partner enjoys it at night, switch turns on the time of the day you have sex. Also, try other times apart from morning and at night.

Create a craving cycle.

When it comes to making love, an orgasm feels the best. Something that feels good makes us crave more. This means having sex regularly creates a craving cycle for a more enjoyable experience between the sheets.

Sex doesn't have to be boring if you can apply some or most of the tactics discussed above. In fact, it should strengthen the bond in your relationship. Have sex as often as you can and you will find it even more enjoyable. Avoid anything that can suppress your desire to engage in sex. Talk openly with your partner about your sexual experiences and find practical ways to have the best.