How To Make The Most Of Your Single Life

by Andrew Degand

We all have those certain friends who always ask, “Why am I still single?” They tell you, “Find me a boyfriend,” or “Find me a girlfriend.” Who knows, maybe you are one of those people.

If you are, I’m kindly begging you to stop. No, not because everyone’s tired of hearing it (although that probably is true), but because you don’t know what you’re missing. There are too many advantages to being single. It’s time you utilize the advantages below before you’re locked down and wishing you were single again.

Think about your future.

When you’re single, you get to focus on your future, not your future with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s so easy to deprioritize the things most important to you for the sake of someone else. When you are in a relationship, your long-term goals may completely change. The advantage of being single is having no one to distract you from your personal goals.

You can determine what your life goals are and focus on how to get there. You won’t have anybody holding you back, stifling your ambition. This is one of the few times it’s justified to be selfish in life.

Make your own decisions.

Usually, when in a relationship, most big decisions are made jointly. When single, there’s no need to compromise with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There will be no decisions about holidays because you will always spend them with your friends and family. No decisions will be made that will result in any big fights. Basically, you don’t need anyone else’s input.

Be autonomous.

You are the dictator; there’s no democracy. You can officially do whatever you want…within reason. Nobody wants to see you in jail, and if your parents are anything like mine, they won’t bail you out. Anyway, I see so many of my friends in relationships acting like they’re not part of a pair. When you’re in a relationship, you have to respect and honor your partner. Embrace the freedom you have being single.

Be healthy.

Unfortunately, not every relationship turns out to be a fairytale. Relationships can be stressful. There will be times when you fight, miscommunicate, or don't see eye to eye. I think this is something that most people forget when they are feeling lonely over not being in a relationship. When you're single, you don't have that extra burden weighing you down.

You can use that time to seriously work on yourself and discover what genuinely fulfills you and makes you happy. Sometimes, people search for happiness in relationships or use relationships to fill some void and make them whole. There is nothing healthy about that rationale. I would argue that you must discover self-fulfillment and self-meaning before you enter into a relationship. How could you expect someone to get to know you intimately if you don't know yourself in that way? Being single is the perfect adventure to find fulfillment. Enjoy the rollercoaster.


Get that free drink. Get that free dinner. Go on that date. Have a one-night stand. You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about when single. You have the opportunity to meet whoever you want. There’s something to be said about experiencing the feeling you get when meeting a new potential suitor for the first time. Why not experience it over and over?

Don’t ask what if.

If you see something or someone you want, go for it. When single, you should never have to ask the dreaded question of what if. All those scenarios playing out in your head are enough to drive a person crazy. With no strings attached, you might as well see how one of those scenarios plays out. So, be bold. Make the first move. Anything is possible.

Sleep however you’d like.

I don’t think there’s any comfortable way of sharing the bed with someone. Regardless of what position you’re spooning in, someone is always uncomfortable. When you’re single, you can sleep diagonally, hog all of the covers, and wear whatever you want to bed. It’s about comfort now, not aesthetic.

Photo credit: Instagram