How To Get A Tree Planted For You Every Time You Have Sex

by Erica Gordon
Jojo Jovanovic

Let me start off by saying there are plenty of good reasons to use condoms, in addition to birth control pills. Condoms prevent against STDs and the pill does not. The pill used in combination with condoms is an extremely effective, extra-safe birth control method. Oh, and grabbing a towel to clean up your mess right after kind of ruins the moment (and the towel.) Condoms are great for those who would prefer to avoid that sticky souvenir.

But wait; even though there are so many great reasons to use condoms, we often don't. And I'm not saying we're all a bunch of irresponsible idiots (although some of us are). Many of us use birth control pills on their own to avoid an unexpected pregnancy, and we either trust that our partners are STD-free, or simply choose to risk it.

Even if you're in a monogamous relationship, you don't know if your partner has an STD or not. Your partner might not even be aware of the fact that they have an STD. But anyway, in case all of these reasons to use a fucking condom aren't enough, I have news for you: Now, you can help save our planet by using condoms.

Since you live on this planet, you obviously want to help save it, right? Condoms for Trees is a non-profit, environmentally conscious company that plants a tree for every condom sold. They're set on restoring the forests while encouraging safe sex.

When you use condoms from Condoms for Trees, every single condom you buy results in a tree being planted as part of a crucial reforestation initiative. By using Condoms for Trees you're not just protecting yourself; you're actually protecting the forests, too. To the men out there who aren't ready to be fathers yet: You can feel good knowing you're planting your seeds in an appropriate place for now.

I talked to Daniel Zengel, founder of Condoms for Trees. He disclosed, “we donate 100 percent of the profits from our sales to our non-profit partner, Trees, Water & People.” Trees, Water & People is a reforestation organization that has already planted millions of trees, but the forests are still in trouble and the organization is always looking for funds to plant more trees.

Zengel expressed that deforestation is a serious global issue, and it's obvious that the world is better off with trees than without them. If we plant more trees than we cut down, the positive benefits for life on Earth will be tremendous. Since condoms end up in landfills and are therefore not environmentally-friendly, Zengel thought of way to change the norm.

These life-giving condoms meet all FDA standards and are just as safe, effective and pleasurable as any leading brand of condoms on the market. Condoms for Trees are produced in the same factories used by other leading brands, which means their condoms are of the same quality as popular competitors. Their condoms don't cost more than other brands, so you can support reforestation and help the environment without spending extra money.

The best part, though, is that this is the only brand of condoms on the market that actually creates life instead of only preventing life. When you use Condoms for Trees, you're not getting anyone pregnant, but you're still responsible for the birth of a newborn tree – and that's pretty awesome.

If each condom sold results in a tree being planted, that's a great reason to use a condom – and a fantastic reason to have lots and lots of sex. You can make love knowing that you and your partner aren't the only ones benefiting from the no-pants dance; the world is benefiting, too.

So, the moral of the story is really quite simple. Until you're ready to be a parent, use a condom and make trees, not babies.

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