The Generation-Y Sugar Daddy: He's Real

by Jennifer Sanchez

“Let me fly you out.”

At any given moment, in any given city, some man is texting those words to a woman.

He might not be an athlete. He might not be a rapper. He might not even be a creepy, old man who wants to buy you a new chest. He’s young, he has money, and for reasons that may or may not be known to you, he wants to upgrade your lifestyle.  He is the Generation-Y sugar daddy.

At first glance, I never would have thought that I have actually met a man of this type. I, like many, have a really stereotypical idea of what exactly a sugar daddy is. He owns a business. He’s old. He uses an oxygen tank. He’s old. He wears silk robes and says things like, “Come to daddy.” Plus, he’s old.

Then, a year ago, I was introduced to a man at a housewarming party. His family owned a large franchise of restaurants, and he was only 27.  He seemed nice enough, and we exchanged numbers.  For the next several days, our conversation revolved around fancy restaurants he had been to in NYC and amazing spas he visited in LA.

“Is he gay,” I wondered?

He’d send me pictures of hotels he was staying in and bags he liked (I still think he might have been gay). He’d ask my opinion on the cars he wanted to buy and hint at vacations he wanted to go on. By the end of two weeks, he was offering to fly me out to exotic places, saying he wanted to “take care of me.”

What? Take care of me? Is this normal? Is this a thing that’s actually happening with women my age? Young, wealthy guys of our own generation actually want to settle down and wife-up a woman?

It had been two weeks. Why a man would want to fly me out to any city after two weeks completely bewildered me. I wanted to ask the people who I thought could really help me solve this, so naturally, I asked my friends.

The immediate consensus was yes, this is happening in our generation. Yes, men are out there financing women and their lives. And yes, it’s because they want to get laid. That’s it - nothing more, nothing less.

However, that didn’t sit right with me, either.  I’ll be the first to admit that men will do a lot for a woman when there’s the potential to have sex with her. However, “a lot” usually classifies as “driving a little far a little late.”  The extent that these men go for a little nookie involves traveling, dinner and some presents along the way - all things that seem less along the lines of “you are my booty call” and more like “you are my girlfriend.”

After more discussion with my friends about these sugar daddy characters, we still couldn’t reach a final conclusion as to what’s in it for these men other than sex. We thought maybe it’s because a lot of these guys are lame and have to buy a woman’s attention, or maybe it’s because some men don’t have strong personalities and money is their way to cover up that flaw. Finally we thought, well, “it ain’t trickin’ if you got it.”

The Gen-Y sugar daddy is a different breed from the sugar daddies of the past. With way too much money at a young age, these guys are willing to take care of women and essentially “court them” with plane tickets, $200 dinner dates, expensive shoes and clothes, and VIP treatment at hotels and clubs, all in return for a woman giving them the “girlfriend” experience. Ya know, why not? All these guys are missing is a Mrs.

So what are your thoughts on why sugar daddies seem to be getting younger and younger? Why do these men want to finance women if they could just own their glory days as single ballers? Tell us what you think.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images