The 7 Signs It's The Right Time To Let Go Of Your Ex

by Erika Stern

Most people have some person they can’t quite shake — you probably do too. The one who’s always in the back of your mind, who you drunk text on the weekends and you unintentionally stalk out at the bar. It isn't easy at all to let go of this person.

Generation-Y is the generation of social media, which makes letting go of people extra difficult because they become inescapable. Have you wasted time waiting on a text that won’t come? You probably wish these matters of the heart would go as they do in movies, but movies are simply unlike real life. So, how can one know when to let go?

1. The conversations shift from "how was your day?" to post-midnight texting.

We all get a bit lonely at times, but after midnight, it’s probably booze or drugs that’s facilitating the loneliness. We have all been there, but do not succumb to the 2 am text. Plus, conversations tend to get steamy at night, so don’t indulge in this with the person from whom you’re supposed to be distancing yourself.

2. You find yourself texting him/her first more than he/she texts you first.

It’s never attractive to come across as needy. After I was once told I was needy, I made sure that my phone rings more than I ring others. Don’t allow anyone to know you need him or her. If he or she wanted to text you, it would happen. Don't double text, don't let him or her know your message went unanswered and don't text needless things.

3. When you see him/her out, he/she pays you zero attention.

Your standing with this person determines how much attention he or she gives you. If your only communication is “hi” and “bye,” the ship already sailed. Don't fall for the BS — you're above it.

4. You hear of him/her hooking up with more people than you expected.

Your friend asks you if you heard, and immediately, you feel sick. But, don't get angry, just move on. You must learn to expect nothing from the people of your past, as they’re not really “yours” any longer. Do your own thing — he or she will, regardless of how you feel about it.

5. You find yourself thinking of him/her more often than you should.

Again, these should be people of your past; things didn't work out for a reason. Second chances are not necessarily a bad thing, but rarely do relationships pan out on the second try.

6. His/her friends don't know about you.

Come on, we tell our friends everything — especially about the person we’re dating. It's always a great feeling when a guy tells his friends about me, because then I know he wants other people to know about me.

Maybe you think this person simply wants to keep things on the DL, or maybe it's your ex, who doesn't think it’s a good idea to tell people you two are back together — regardless, it’s a red flag. Keeping things under wraps in any situation is unnecessary. If things only work by sneaking around, it's time to hit the road.

7. If you actually see him/her with someone else.

This could be in a public setting with people you know, or maybe just at the movies alone. Either way, be rid of this person. You will look foolish if you're waiting around for someone who is already waiting on someone else.

Photo via We Heart It