The 5 Ways To Make The Most Of Being A Third Wheel

by Kim Christina

Lately, I’ve realized that a few of my close my friends have significant others. It's not that big of a deal, really. My roommate has had her boyfriend for over two and a half years, and my best friend from high school has had the same boyfriend since we were in high school. Oh, and my friend just asked this girl to be his girlfriend last month…

Ok, so I guess everyone closest to me has a significant other.

It's fine, though. If you can't judge by my articles and biography, I'm a laid back, awesome (if I do say so myself) single girl. I go out, I party, and I go on dates with eligible bachelors every other night, usually at classy restaurants with dim lighting, candles, a bottle of wine and soft jazz. To be totally modest, I’m hot and when a guy buys me a drink, I respectfully decline with a wink and a thank you. Why? I’m usually the DD, which results in guys falling in love with how sexy, cool and responsible I am.

So, all of that may or may not be true, but either way, I'm single and fun, and even though I complain about not having a boyfriend, the truth is that I am having a good time doing what I do as a single woman.

Now, before you get any assumptions of the rest of this article, let me clear some things up for you. This is not a "pity me, I'm single" article, nor is it about "why being in a relationship sucks." Instead, this is an informative article, shedding light on how we can make the most of being a third wheel. With that, let's talk about the lifestyle us singles live and breathe: the third wheel.

The third wheel is a label that no one seems to enjoy, as it’s often used with negative connotation. However, I think this is a misconception. I am a fantastic third wheel. So how might one accomplish being a wonderful third wheel? I will share some of my secrets:

1. Fully embrace your current state, and don't feel sorry for yourself; be able to poke fun at your status.

Being a third wheel is NOT a bad thing. Many positives are associated with threes. Have you heard of a child hating a tricycle? I doubt it; I'm pretty sure tricycles are fantastic and provide great support and balance. Also, I dare you to tell me that the best instrument in a musical group is NOT the triangle because that would be a lie and you know it. Answer me this: What has three legs and is handy in both the bedroom and at family gatherings? You guessed it, a tripod. Boom. Three strikes; you're out.

But really, being a third wheel opens the door to romantic opportunity through friends of friends. Go out with your coupled friends and have them introduce you to some eligible bachelors. You never know whom you’ll meet. Also, embrace your single status. You don’t have to take every date or set-up seriously. Just enjoy meeting new people.

2. Make sure that you tag along to events that aren't going to be super intimate.

Heading to a movie with a couple that’s been together for a while? Cool! Watching a movie with a couple on their first date? Totally not fine.

When you third wheel with a seasoned couple, it's definitely easier to hang out with them. They're not in that honeymoon stage anymore, and they're not all over each other any chance they get. When you third wheel a friend in the beginning stages of a relationship, it's just too weird. Even if he/she is begging you to come for support and promises it won't be awkward, chances are, he/she won't need your support and it WILL be very awkward. Don’t dig yourself into a hole trying to be a good friend. Know when to say “Yeah, sure!” and when to say “Yeah right?!”

3. Try your best to establish a friendship with your friend's significant other.

The most ideal situation for a third wheel is if you are able to have a fun and platonic friendship with your friend's partner. Try your best to establish a good relationship. Otherwise, hanging out will turn into a weird and unspoken contest for your friend’s attention.

4. Know when to dip from a situation, and try your best to not make it noticeable.

This goes for different types of situations. If you three are walking down the street after having eaten, gone shopping, or watched a movie, and you feel a semi cute/romantic moment waiting to blossom, walk ahead or fall back. Let the happy couple have a little cute/gross moment, and catch up with them in a bit.

Also, if you sense tension or a fight about to break out, don't be afraid to walk away casually. This would be the best time to fake check your Instagram or call your mom.

5. Be fun!

Show your couple companions that your life as a unicycle isn't really sad and you are surviving happily, having fun being single. Be happy for your friends that they are content together, and they'll be happy for you that you're content being single. Remember that you're single, but you're not ALONE; there's a huge difference.

Being a third wheel isn't as bad as it may seem. In fact, let's give three cheers to the third wheels! Be aware of situations, be good company, and be sure to do a lot of photo bombing their couple pictures. I hope you read this article and give these things a...tri. (See what I did there?)

Top photo credit: E Blog.RU