The 10 Reasons You Don't Want To Date A Social Climber

by Eddie Cuffin

We all know that shallow group of women who are solely impressed by the bright lights, designer clothes, free champagne and red carpets; yes, we are talking about the infamous social climbers. While these women make great eye candy and can be useful as bait for other girls, they are seldom good for anything else. You drink, you after party, wake up in bed together -- and boom -- that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

The moment you fall for a social climber consider yourself sucked into a world of intense clubbing and intense love triangles. It seems as if everyone has f*cked everyone else and if she has been on the scene for a while, just know that there's a high chance that she's gotten around. This isn't her first rodeo and it's very important that you realize that. Dating a social climber can be great for a month or two, but anything longer gets tiring and tedious.

These women are conniving bitches with no souls who will be quick to leave you once they smell a better social opportunity for them. Their whole goal in life is to reach the social pinnacle and they will do anything they can to get there. We must respect their hustle, but also know that nothing fruitful can come out of a relationship with a social climber. Here are the reasons why dating a social climber is a complete waste of your time.

A typical night out with her consists of going out to countless clubs.

You can never have your typical dinner and a movie night with her. This girl knows everyone and it is her duty to be out and to be seen. She must show her face in at least 3 clubs when she goes out, including weekdays. If you thought for some reason that her clubbing habits would stop once you guys are in a relationship, then you are sadly mistaken.

At dinner she eats the least and costs the most.

Somehow she will always find a way to satisfy her expensive taste. She will always order things over the top just to seem like she is cultured and knows what she is doing. The worst part of this is that she will only eat enough to satisfy her taste buds and leave a full plate just lying on the table. When your bill comes, you will get annoyed by the fact that her meal cost more than anything else on the menu, yet most of it is still on the plate waiting to be eaten.

The lime light is her only goal.

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Being seen anywhere with you by her side is truly her goal. She enjoys being known as your girlfriend only for the fact that she gets all the attention that comes with that title. She knows you get invited to all the events and going out to be noticed alongside celebrities and press is her only goal. She only wants to seem important in front of everyone else while offering little substance in return. Her conversations are quite bland and always seem to end with a story of her getting wasted.

There aren't enough Nobu's in North America.

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To her there is no joy in going to a low-key restaurant to just simply enjoy the evening. Everything has to be over-done and bougie. If the restaurant hasn't been in the New York Times or heard of in the scene, she has no interest in going. Usually, dates with her require you to waste money at scenic restaurants because of her desire to be seen out.

Unfortunately, there aren't enough Nobu's to satisfy her thirst for going to trendy restaurants. If a new restaurant has opened, you better have a table for two reserved from day 1.

She spends more time taking selfies than actually enjoying herself.

The most annoying part about dealing with a social climber is that she can never truly be satisfied and it's all about having the attention on her. Aside from spending money on needless bottles just so sparklers can satisfy your lady, you will have to deal with her selfie addiction. For some reason, she still hasn't been out enough to stop taking selfles.

It's all the proof she needs to show all her friends that she attended the event. If she takes more selfies than songs played while at the club, then you have a problem. More time taking selfless than dancing is almost always a red flag.

A Step & Repeat is her only chance to be on the red carpet.

These girls will do anything to put their red-bottomed shoes onto the red carpet. All they want to do is go to an event so they can take a photo with the sponsored back drop to make themselves look legit.

This is usually their one chance at the red carpet and they will make the most of it. They will be too caught up in the lights of the paparazzi to be worried about anything else. This habit doesn't get better with time, the older they get, the more they want to be in the lime light.

A night out usually requires you to see 3 to 4 people that were in it before you.

There is no such thing as fresh meat in the social scene because all the thirsty sharks smell fresh blood once new prospects enter the waters. So it is highly likely that as a social climber, she has already made her rounds in the scene. There is no need to worry, eventually every girl will, so if you were expecting a pristine good girl, then you are in for a world of pain.

Every time you guys go out, you will see a myriad of people who have been in there before you. It just feels weird socializing with people who have already hit it.

Just when you think you can get comfortable, she's gone.

Nothing evolves faster than a social climber. She is always on the prowl for the next best thing and just because she's your girlfriend now doesn't mean you can't be her ex tomorrow.

Social climbers will do anything for a status upgrade, so know your time with them is limited. Once she sets her eyes on another man who can elevate her social status, you will find yourself single again before you even get a change to fill her champagne glass.

The rate of return on your investment is not in your favor.


The one thing we know about social climbers is that they are expensive, from the constant urge to go out to the scenic dinners that she prefers. Her bougie taste has been fueled by the constant attention she receives from people in the scene. This is not her first rodeo and all her prior experiences have molded her into the woman she is now. The one thing she doesn't realize is that she has a expiration date.

Unfortunately for her, you are not ignorant to the fact that you know she will only get more expensive, but she won't get any tighter. This is just the way things work and once she has expired, there is no reason to keep her around...there will always be a fresh batch waiting to be picked up every year.

There's always a fresh batch of social climbers ready to be taken down.

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Fortunately for us, we never have to worry about a drought in the social climbing scene. It is something every girl wants to be a part of, yet only the cream of the crop get selected. It is an exclusive scene that has all kinds of girls thirsty to be a part of it. There is no need for you to consistently date one social climber because every year, you can just hit the refresh button.

There will always be fresh meat ready for you to spoil and take on trips to St. Barths and Bora Bora. Remember one thing, do not stress these hoes because they expire fast, but can be replaced even faster.

Top photo credit: WENN