In A Generation Living Behind The Screen, Mental Connection Does Still Exist

by Natasha Artwell

It’s human nature to love, to want somebody to love and to want that somebody to love you back. However, the beauty of that actually happening, in its purest form, can occasionally be a tricky ordeal.

Maybe the feelings are not reciprocated or the person you admire is in a relationship with someone else. Maybe you are attracted to one another, but there’s still something missing.

The actual moment when two people, especially amidst a chaotic hook-up culture, connect and fall in love is one of the strongest feelings known to man, a connection stronger than words can communicate.

We live in a world where we make more online connections, and our phones have become extensions of ourselves. DMs, WhatsApp and social media have replaced the old-fashioned, physical, one-on-one interactions we have with other human beings.

The art of conversation has transformed into non-verbal indications that your message has been delivered, a list of notifications that tells you that you have been mentioned or a double tap that expresses a "like" on Instagram.

We regularly use our thumbs to communicate and words instead of eyes into which to stare. This shift in the way we communicate has all made the power of mental connections even more beautifully rare.

You are likely to have been in a situation that led you to turn to your friend to say, ‘‘There was just no spark between us.’’ This spark — the one that’s missing — is behind the power of a mental connection.

Like a jigsaw, something just clicks between you both and a nearly electric sensation takes over you entirely when you are conversing and in the presence of this person.

Have you ever met someone who made you question everything you thought you felt with someone else? Someone who blows your mind in ways that you only thought existed in romcoms with the happy endings?

These people come into your life out of nowhere, like a gift; they surprise you, take your breath away and leave you feeling speechless. Despite it being nearly indefinable, you try and find the best words to tell your friends about this person. But, no words seem to be strong or adequate enough to define this feeling.

The art of tapping into someone’s mind on a deeper level is almost like a form of escapism. When you are in the middle of a conversation, you are transported to another place — a place that no one else knows about but you and the other person.

When you find that person that with whom you connect mentally and spiritually, you'll find a bond that you need to nurture and treasure. These kinds of relationships will help you to grow and evolve; they will feed you, open up your mind and take you to new realms.

The power behind mental connections is like breath a fresh air — it holds healing properties that you can no longer imagine being without. This person will leave you feeling like the universe conspired to put you two together. You will feel like you were destined to meet because this person feels, well, right.

You have things in common; too many ‘‘coincidences’’ between you leave you questioning where this person has been hiding all this time. It’s like a constant multitude of magical moments that come in abundance when you are with him or her.

This invisible energy draws you closer to this person; every word you share with one another feels like he or she are stimulating every part of your brain. You are alert and, like a drug, you need this sensation again and again.

You can come across a physical attraction every day if you look hard enough, but that might not offer you much more than something appealing to the eye. When two people mentally and physically connect – there's a spark and magic.

A mental connection is not something that you can force nor is it something that you can buy. A mental connection will find its way to you; probably out of nowhere and when you least expect it. When it happens, be sure to embrace it.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It