This Sexting Campaign In Canada Uses Naked Mole Rats And It's Hysterical


Canada is having a serious problem with sextortion.

If you, like me, don't know what that is, let me give you the definition, according to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection:

Simply put, sextortion is blackmail. It's when someone threatens to send a sexual image or video of you to other people if you don't pay them or provide more sexual content.

Sextortion is currently on the rise on Canada, and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection took it upon themselves to figure out the best possibly way to prevent it. And, boy, oh boy, did they come up with a freaking AWESOME campaign.

What could this wonderful solution be, you ask?

Naked mole rats, duh.

Can't watch the video at work with your boss hovering over your shoulder? Let me just paraphrase some of the highlights for you.

The host plays out a little scenario for young teen boys talking to girls online. In his example, the girl asks the boy for a nude, and he's left with two options. The host says,

Well, you could send one of yourself... or you could send a naked mole rat! Long, veiny and fleshy, the naked mole rat (you can call him Willy) looks a lot like that picture you were about to send.

I mean, why bother sending a REAL nude when you could just send this guy?

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

He finally says to the young men, "Next time someone you just met online asks you for a nude, don't get sextorted. Send a picture of a naked mole rat instead!"

In addition to the hilarious meme the Canadian Centre for Child Protection created that I shared with you guys above, they've got plenty more awesome memes encouraging young people to send any asking for nudes pictures of naked mole rats instead:

There's this one featuring a four-photo, zoomed-in collage of naked mole rats.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Or there's this groovy "hey GIRL" greeting card.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

And you could also send this freaked-out mole rat who's not trying to send nudes on a first date.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

And there are plenty more (18, to be exact) hilarious, anti-sextortion, naked mole rat memes available for your perusing on the campaign's website here.

Finally, you guys, if someone online is trying to get you to send a naked pic of yourself, here's a tip: Just don't. OR just send a freaky, little naked mole rat, I guess.

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