Science Says Sexting Someone Every Day Is The Key To A Happy Sex Life

by Candice Jalili

I'm an awkward person, so needless to say, the whole "sexting" thing feels a little unnatural to me.

Just trying to seriously draft one of those raunchy texts seems awkward enough, let alone trying to get naked and do a sexy pose for them.

The whole process seems like something I'd have a REALLY hard time doing without hysterically laughing at myself the entire time.

That being said, a new study says it might be time for me to build a bridge and get over it if I want to be happier in my sex life.

The study, conducted by researchers over at DrEd, surveyed over 2,000 people to find everything and anything there is to know about sexting and how it's affecting our sex lives.

Who are we sexting?

According to the survey, women are a little pickier when it comes to whom they're going to bless with a sext.

Only a tiny 6 percent of women said they would sext someone from a one-night stand, while more than double that amount of men (14 percent) said the same.

More than half of women (57 percent) are most comfortable sending sexts when it's to either a long-term partner or a spouse. You read that, dudes?! If you want her sexts, maybe put a ring on it first.

What are we sexting?


If you're an awkward prude like myself, you're probably wondering what people are even taking pictures of when it comes to sending these "sexts."

The study found that pictures of "breasts, chests and nipples" were the most popular overall, especially for women. Boob pics are particularly common, with 43 percent of European women and over half of American women (55 percent) sending them.

When it comes to showing off your genitals, men were way more likely to do so than women were, with 29 percent of American men admitting to doing so, compared to only 8 percent of American women.

How is sexting affecting our love lives?

As you can see in the chart above, people who sexted more frequently were WAY more likely to be satisfied with their sex lives in their relationships. Of the people who sexted daily, 61 percent reported being "very satisfied" with their sex life.

While the researchers can't speculate as to why sexting sees such a high return in sex life satisfaction, they did ask their participants to explain what they feel the benefits of sexting are.

Almost 35 percent of the respondents explained that it turned them on, while more than 30 percent indicated that the act created a sense of anticipation and excitement.

One participant in a long-distance relationship explained, "At the time the relationship was long distance, so it let us keep it sort of physical." This benefit was echoed by lots of other participants who had been in long-distance relationships.

The researchers concluded, "It's clear that many people use sexting as a way to strengthen their connections as well as intimate moments with a partner."


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