Expert Reveals What It Means To Dream About Cheating On Your GF With A Female Friend

by Candice Jalili

This week we have Max* who keeps having sex dreams about cheating on his girlfriend with his female friend:

First of all, it's very rare for me to remember ever having a dream, but I know I've had this one at least twice, if not more. So I am at a very close friend's place across town, and we're walking down the street back to her house. She mentions to a friend how I'm very good at nipple play. (Everything including her comment seemed relatively normal in the dream. I also feel like I recognized her friend with us, but I can't tell exactly who it is now.)
Anyway, I kind of shrug my shoulders and agree with her, and that's when she tells me to show her. So I step up close and bring my hands up to her breasts, lightly bringing my fingers around her nipples. I notice her nipples are pierced, which is something she hasn't done, but it's something my girlfriend has been wanting to do for a while now. And I kind of want her to do it, too. So as I play with her nipples, I step in and start kissing her at the same time. In the dream, I either thought about going down on her or I actually did start going down on her in the street, with her friend next to us and my girlfriend and another friend about 100 yards down the street next to the house.

Here's Lauri's interpretation:

To have the same or similar dream more than once is an indication of either a repetitive behavior or an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved. Since you've only had this dream two or three times, it is more likely to be connected to a recent ongoing issue.
Your dream takes place outside, which tells me this is about something you need to get 'out in the open.'
Your friend mentions that you are good at nipple play. What in real life would you say you are good at? The reference to nipple play is symbolic of that... even though I don't doubt you're good at nipple play. Breasts, to the dreaming mind, are really about one's ability to nurture and be caring, as that is why we gals have breasts — to nurture our babies. Have you recently nurtured or comforted someone?
Breasts, to the dreaming mind, are really about one's ability to nurture and be caring.
Then, you go down on the girl. That's another big clue. Oral sex, as well as anything involving the mouth, in a dream can always be connected to communication in real life.
And that brings us back to the fact that this dream took place outside. There is something you need to communicate or you're in the process of communicating and getting out in the open. The praise you get in the beginning of the dream is really approval you are giving yourself. So I believe the message of the dream is to keep up this open honesty. Word seems to be getting around that you're good at it!

The coolest thing about this (and most of Lauri's interpretations honestly) is that this seemingly hyper-sexual dream really has nothing to do with sex at all.

It seems like our boy Max has something he's needs to get out there in the open. And that doesn't necessarily have to mean a breakup with his girlfriend or anything like that.

In fact, he should take the dream as a symbol that he's GOOD at making his intentions clear.

I hope Max and anyone else who had a similar dream about cheating on a significant other with a friend find this helpful.

*Names have been changed.