The Rules To Sexting Safely

There is nothing better than the rush you get from receiving a text message from your guy of the moment, especially if that text message comes with little images for your viewing pleasure.

These days we know this form of messaging as ‘sexting’ or a sexy message. But this seemingly spontaneous and playful act provokes a serious issue. Your response!

Since the advent of the camera phone, sending picture messages, including sexy ones, has been a part of our social existence. It is something fun to do with your significant other or it can creep you out depending on the sender.

There always seems to be a down side to these things. But the most dangerous of downsides is where these pictures could end up. You’re boyfriend most likely will not always be your boyfriend and sending funny and or explicit photos to your friends could be a pitfall as well. Remember friends come and go.

So rule number one, make sure can you trust this person implicitly. What can clue you in, as to whether or not they can be trusted you ask? Well are they vindictive (when planked by his bros does he feel the need to get back at them two fold). If yes think twice about hitting send.

Rule number two, keep it classy. Make it suggestive and not all out there, at least at first. A cute picture message of you with the caption like “can’t wait to see you tonight ;)” can go a long way.

And rule three if you want to be a little more provocative, make sure these pictures are not permanent fixtures on his phone’s memory. And doing just that is now easier then ever with the help of technology.

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone you have the option to utilize the newest and most questionable form of picture taking. The app is called ‘Snapchat’ and it started out innocently enough.

The premise was to send funny pictures to your friends and you can set how long they can see it for. The app is a practical license to snap naughty pictures.

The pictures you take through this app can only be seen for a few seconds. And after it is opened the receiver can never see it again and most importantly they cannot save it. So Happy Messaging!

Arianna Wright | Elite.