18 People Reveal What Really Annoys Them When They're Having Sex

by Candice Jalili
Universal Pictures

We all have our daily pet peeves.

For example, I hate passive-aggressive people, and you shouldn't even get me started on people who complain too much. (OK, yes, I realize I am being a giant hypocrite because I'm complaining about them right now, but can you just LET ME LIVE?)

But then, there's a whole other load of pet peeves that can permeate their way into the bedroom.

What annoys you during sex? Is it guys who talk too much? Or girls who don't talk enough? Or guys who have no idea what they're doing? Or girls who don't tell you what they like? The list is endless.

The app, Whisper, asked people to anonymously confess what their sex pet peeves are. And people really answered.

I want to give you some examples, but also don't want to be a giant spoilsport.

So, just scroll for yourself and see what really drives people bonkers (in a bad way) during sex:

I hate when guys just assume they can undress me.

I hate when guys kiss my head.

I hate when he asks what I want to do next.

I don't like when guys want me to call them "Daddy."

It's annoying when guys ask if I got off.

I hate when a guy says my name.

I hate when my boyfriend watches porn while we have sex.

I hate when a guy asks a bunch of questions.

I hate when my girl leaves me hanging.

It grosses me out when guys suck on my nipples.

I wish my boyfriend wouldn't ask, "Are you OK?"

I hate when guys don't make noise.

I hate when people keep their socks on.

I hate being told to calm down.

I hate when people say "baby."

I hate when he tries to put it in your butt without asking.

I hate when men touch my boobs.

It annoys me when guys talk too much.

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