Researchers Finally Figured Out If It's Better To Have High Or Drunk Sex


As human beings, we love to have sex. A lot of us also love to drink. A lot of us also love to smoke weed.

Needless to say, for those of us lovers who love getting high and drunk, the possibility of combining sex with either of those activities is VERY exciting.

But, that leads us to the age-old question, "Which is more fun: drunk sex or high sex?"

A new study sought to find an answer for us once and for all.

The small, in-depth study got together a team of researchers led by New York University public health researcher, Joseph J. Palamar.

The team used Craigslist to find 24 English-speaking New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 35 who admittedly had both had drunk, high and sober sex. (They defined sex as "any sexual activity [involving some form of genital contact] with another individual that can result in orgasm in either individual.")

In order to conduct their study, research assistants performed in-depth interviews after a semi-structured interview. The majority of their questions focused on the differences between marijuana and alcohol-related sexual experiences.

The general consensus among respondents seemed to be that alcohol increased confidence and lowered inhibitions, while marijuana increased sensitivity and the tendency to space out.

In terms of the actual sex, people reported alcohol led to desensitization, and marijuana actually led to an increase in sensation.

New York Magazine's Science of Us reported some of the respondents answers:

— Female, white, 31

— Male, black, 20

— Male, white, 33

The winner seems to be — drumroll, please — high sex! It generally led to more "magnified" orgasms and less regret.

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