The Relationships That Will Never Work Out For You

by Michael Kaye

Relationships aren’t for everyone. They can be complicated and time consuming. Yet for those of you who are looking for that special someone, make sure you are looking in the right places.

There are scores of girls out there. The quantity of options is overwhelming, making it difficult to choose one. You got the blonde partier, the redheaded sexual beast, and the brunette catholic schoolgirl. You have the shy ones, the outgoing ones, and they naughty ones. But overall there are realistically only two types of girls: the right ones, and the wrong ones.

The Cheater

How about that sexy girl you can barely take your eyes off at the end of the bar, encircled by equally attractive women mingling and chattering about their rough workweek. You watch as her eyes lower when you begin to approach her. After separating her from her friends and moving to a remote location in the venue alone, you discuss her interests and hobbies to secure her leaving with you.

While conversing, she playfully admits to being in a relationship. What he knows won’t hurt him, but it may hurt you. Never begin a relationship with a woman who cheated. If she cheated on him, she will cheat on you. You are not special!

The Couple You Can’t Stand

The beginning of any relationship should be full of excitement. You should be powerless in keeping your hands off of her. It is the stage where pet names are still appealing, and should not make you want to heave.

If you and your significant other are moments away from committing manslaughter within the first couple months of your relationship, run! The beginning should be a smooth ride; turbulence should not kick in until the one-year mark.

The Gold Digger

For as far back in history as you can go, a man has always taken care of his woman. Men are supposed to be the breadwinners. We bring home the bacon! Even in modern times with the progress women have made, some even match their husbands salary or can even make more, but women are always dependent on their man for certain things. However, there is a fine line.

After as certain point in the relationship, finances should become split or shared to some degree. If all she seems to want to do is spend your money, get out of there, and fast. Men, if you are a hard worker with a six-figure salary and a less than average appearance, trust that she’s not in it for your personality. Just like men are shallow, women are too.

Your Best Friend’s Ex

In simple guy code rules, do not ever, ever, ever, date your best friends ex. It does not matter whether it has been six months or six years, you just do not do it. Bros before hos. No woman is worth screwing over your boy for.

The Sister

Self-explanatory. Stay away from sisters. No exceptions.

The Cougar

While hooking up with an older woman is every man’s dream, leave it at that. This is the woman who makes a scene at the bar after a few too many drinks. She’s the one who satisfies your old elementary school teacher fantasy. She may even be your old classmates’ mom. If you are able to seal the deal, then good for you.

You just inspired men everywhere. You will forever be that guy. But leave it at a one-night-stand. At 25 years old, you don’t need any baby drama. With an older woman comes greater responsibility, and it just isn’t worth it. So get your trophy and pack it away for good.

The Bi-Sexual

Every guy wants a threesome. It will forever be any guy’s fantasy, and something worth accomplishing. If you are able to succeed in this, I salute you. However, never date a girl who can’t make up her mind. Remember, guys, when you are dating a woman you need to stay on your toes.

Taken or not, you are still competing for her with every other guy. When it comes to a girl who’s into both, it only broadens the spectrum. After a while, the novelty of some girl on girl action will disintegrate. Cheating is cheating, whether it’s a man or woman.

So men, beware. The female species are dangerous, conniving, and deceptive. They are our greatest weakness. You can’t live with them, but God knows you can’t live without them.

Michael Kaye | Elite.