Guys Get Real About When They Have Rebound Sex After A Breakup


I've always heard that the best way to get over a person is to get under someone else. As crass as that may be, it may also be true.

While some people spend weeks, months, years pining after an ex, others will just download ye olde Tinder and get to work pulling in the right swipes and toning their impressive texting game.

But every guy is different and often, women unknowingly become "rebound" girls.

Thanks to Reddit, we can report on the rebounding habits some guys have.

When is the right time to start having sex again after a breakup?

Some say you should wait a little...

Of course, it is a different situation for everyone.


It may be better to wait, so you don't think about your ex.

I am calling the police.

Remember, ladies, it could be months and you could still be the "rebound girl." But who cares? You're getting some, too.

Rebound sex? Yes. Rebound relationship? NO!

Turn to online dating immediately, according to this bro.

And finally, the cure to all heartbreak: seeing another woman naked.

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