Questionable Sex-Ed Laws In Ohio

We all have undergone sex-ed in our primary schools. I’m pretty positive that sex-ed is not solely restricted to teaching students about sex, or sexual health, but that it includes teaching students about their reproductive organs and systems.

In my school district growing up, we underwent sex-ed as early as 4th grade. We had some classes that were gender differentiated and by the time we got to middle school, and high school, we were co-ed. It was apart of our curriculum, and honestly, I’m glad it was.

Now, students in Ohio may be deprived of some of these sexual education classes. A new budget bill passed by the state’s house finance committee has banned teachers from explaining or talking about “second base” or any kind of “sensual touching”, with their students during sex-ed lectures.

It’s also now legal for parents to sue teachers for violating this rule. This measure is a follow-up to an existing statute that teachers are forbidden to condone sex before marriage and was part of a package of legislation that also includes a stipulation that teachers can only talk about contraception if they reaffirm that the only way to truly prevent STD’s is through abstinence.

Honestly, how stupid is this law. What, is Ohio going to now make moves to ban Google entirely? Because I’m pretty sure any child above the age of 9 is now perfectly capable of Googling anything they want, and finding any information they need.

I absolutely guarantee you, Ohio, that banning this talk in sex-ed lectures isn’t going to do anything. By the time these students even sit down in any sex-ed lectures, the students have most likely already watched porn on the Internet.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images