Promiscuity To Depression: Women Who Sleep Around At College Are 'More Likely To Become Depressed'


If fear of contracting STIs isn't enough to dissuade you from casual college hookups, then maybe the fear that you'll sink into a deep depression and your life will spin out of control is more compelling?

That's what the doctors at Syracuse and Brown Universities are trying to sell us, anyway. And despite their best efforts at using science for slut-shaming, I'm not convinced.

It's more than a little suspect that the survey — which interviewed 483 undergrads at NYU — only studied and reported on women.

Do men not fear "acquiring a negative reputation" or the "failure for the hookup to transition to a romantic relationship" as the study claims these impressionable college co-eds do?

Of course not, because they're entirely in control of their actions and emotions, whereas women are hysterical and so strongly want human contact and attention they'd f*ck just about anybody.

I think the "depression" these researchers noted might have just been a reaction to the details the female subjects were forced to record about "how many times they had had oral and vaginal sex." But that's just my theory.

h/t: DailyMail, Study done by Syracuse and Brown Universities, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It