Has Online Dating Become Too Good At Getting Men Laid?

The advent of Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Let’s Date, and every other online dating site in between has enabled more men to get laid online than ever before. This phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down, either, with millions of people signing up everyday. It seems that no matter how women feel about this online meat market for men, women continue to use it.

Driving this popular trend among men is the ease of talking to a lot of women at one time without having to put forth any emotions or effort. This lack of emotional ties and effort in approaching new women is taking any kind of chivalry out of the picture, and it quickly raises the question of: “Do you want to get down to business?”

In general, I feel it is safe to say women are more emotional than men. Given this assumption, the lack of emotions involved in online dating for both parties is developing a market place to get laid. I mean Tinder has proven to do this more efficiently than any other online platform out there. It started out with the young 18-25 age group and turned into an all out free-for-all for all ages. Think I’m wrong? Sign up and you will be sure to come across a number of cougars, sugar daddies, web cam girls, and everything in between. The ease involved in talking to hundreds of matches at one time is allowing people to find at least one person to hook up with.

It seems to me that total lack of emotional involvement from men is driving this hookup culture online. As long as men can talk to several hundred girls in a ten-mile radius, the trend will continue. For heaven’s sake, any location-based dating platform in NYC is guaranteed to get you laid.

The challenge presented here for online dating platforms is how to get men to show more emotion online. I mean, sure you can enter your interests, your favorite restaurant, or even your pet’s favorite food. However, people can still easily bullsh*t their online dating profiles, and they probably do most of the time. This lack of emotional involvement has driven the success behind online dating and the giant, social media.

There are exceptions, and people do find love online. However, the general consensus is that, as along as personal emotions are taken out of the picture in online dating, this hookup culture will thrive on these online platforms for people of all ages.

Photo via ESPN