New Drink Proven To Prevent UTIs Means You'll Never Have To Pee After Sex Again

by Alexandra Strickler

If you're anything like me, then the very thought of a UTI makes you involuntarily cross your legs and squeeze like your damn life depends on it.

At one point or another, we've all experienced that awkward, searing pain. It often feels like there's absolutely no way to relieve the discomfort, and you can't help but feel certain that the end is nigh.

But have no fear, the end is not nigh, guys!

A startup company has developed a product called Uqora, which is a simple drink mix designed to fight off bacteria when you're at a high risk of developing a UTI.


Back in 2014, after Uqora CEO Jenna Ryan found herself with eight UTIs in a single year (OUCH), she partnered with Spencer Gordon (who studied molecular biology at University of California, Berkeley) to begin developing the product.

Uqora, which officially launched on February 15, is a powder you mix with water and drink whenever you think you could be at risk for a UTI. This might be right after sex or possibly after a prolonged period of exercise.

It's only necessary to take the supplement either right before or soon after you feel like you could have been exposed to a UTI, meaning you don't need to be on the medicine constantly.

Ryan promises the drink mix is palatable, saying it tastes a little like Crystal Light.

Another plus: A three-pack of Uqora only costs $10. And if you find yourself ready to commit to a full box, it's $35 for 10 doses.

According to the National Institutes of Health, UTIs account for as many as 8.1 million visits to health care providers every year. One study even found, for infections treated in American emergency rooms, only pneumonia is treated more often than a UTI.

In an interview, Ryan said she's passionate about Uqora not only because it's personally helped her, but also because it addresses such a huge issue in women's health.

So, guys, uncross your legs, drink up and worry not about your burning nether regions!

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