Guys Reveal Their 'Non-Negotiable' Requirements When Finding A GF


You probably have certain rules and regulations when it comes to finding your perfect partner.

This is someone you're going to be spending a lot of time with, pouring your heart out to and exposing your secret emotional side to. Of course, you're not looking for a total dud.

You want someone special, and that's totally understandable.

I wouldn't say I'm the pickiest in the bunch, but when I'm doing my casual rounds of swiping, I have some criteria that are definitely appearance-based.

However, I am completely open once we've met up in person. And I do enjoy being pleasantly surprised sometimes.

But apparently, my dating tactic doesn't seem to be the case for others.

It seems some guys have strict requirements they abide by when it comes to finding the best kind of lover. This glorified lady must check off all the right boxes. Otherwise, it's an absolute no-go.

Here are a few Reddit users' two cents on their necessities in a potential girlfriend and what things are absolutely "non-negotiable":

She has to do something with her life.

She can't smoke cigarettes.

She has to share a similar sense of humor.

She has to appreciate your taste in music.

She shouldn't want any kids in the future.

She must have a pulse.

She has to be pretty good at making out.

She must love fresh, curd dairy products.

She can't be a "crazy partier."

She must have an insanely huge rack.

Well, let's hope these fine gentlemen find the love they're looking for.

Just remember, beggars can't be choosers.

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