Men Reveal Their 'Non-Negotiable' Requirements In A Potential Girlfriend


You probably have certain rules and regulations when it comes to finding your perfect partner.

This is someone you're going to be spending a lot of time with, pouring your heart out to and exposing your secret emotional side to. Of course, you're not looking for a total dud.

You want someone special, and that's totally understandable.

I wouldn't say I'm the pickiest in the bunch, but when I'm doing my casual rounds of swiping, I have some criteria that are definitely appearance-based.

However, I am completely open once we've met up in person. And I do enjoy being pleasantly surprised sometimes.

But apparently, my dating tactic doesn't seem to be the case for others.

It seems some guys have strict requirements they abide by when it comes to finding the best kind of lover. This glorified lady must check off all the right boxes. Otherwise, it's an absolute no-go.

Here are a few Reddit users' two cents on their necessities in a potential girlfriend and what things are absolutely "non-negotiable":

She has to do something with her life.

1. Must have life goals. Doesn't matter what they are (unless it's to get married and have her man take care of her) or how far along she is, she just has to be doing something. 2. Must be monogamous. That's about it, really. – /u/deanykg

She can't smoke cigarettes.

One I haven't seen in other comments but is one of my dealbreakers is smoking. A girl who smokes gets auto removed by my brain. - /u/MrPeppa

She has to share a similar sense of humor.

She has to laugh at the same stuff I laugh at. - /u/twowaysplit

She has to appreciate your taste in music.

We've got to like similar music. I go to a lot of music and I need someone who I can thoroughly enjoy the same music with - /u/GreedyWarlord

She shouldn't want any kids in the future.

1) do they have kids? 2) do they want kids? If the answer is yes to either one of those then they are not for me. - /u/i_am_jacks_reddit

She must have a pulse.

Living Female Sense of humour Sparkling personality Unbelievable, movie-star good looks at all times. Huge personal wealth Either a massive culinary expertise or an on-call personal chef Unrestrained, creative sexual appetite Must not be more than a five-minute walk. -/u/bbkeys

She has to be pretty good at making out.

Cant be a bad kisser, I cant date a bad kisser Is comfortable around strangers and in social situations. Cant date the type of girl whose friends have to drag her to the dance floor if you know what I mean. Not too traditional sexual views. I briefly dated a girl once, she was over my house and we got as far as...hand stuff...the next day she said "It scared me how fast we went....I can only have sex with someone Im married to or in love with" I told her she had an amazing personality, was a great girl, but we are not compatible in that aspect so we're better off as friends, and we are. Will split the bill. Its 2016 and most girls I meet my age (23) make more money than I do. I dont want to feel like your affection has a price tag and if you can acknowledge youre here for my company and not my wallet then you can split the bill. Tbh because im a hypocrite and gender roles I end up paying for the first date or two if they dont offer but the third date is my limit. Does some kind of physical activity. I go to the gym and do various sports, would like somebody who keeps active in some way. - /u/jewboyfresh

She must love fresh, curd dairy products.

E cup breasts, likes cottage cheese. - /u/ReyRex

She can't be a "crazy partier."

1. Must be atheist/agnostic (I've learned the hard way that religious people trying to date nonreligious people doesn't work) 2. Must not desire children (I don't like kids and don't want any) 3. Must have had a stable family life growing up (tends to keep the girls with daddy issues and substance abuse problems at bay) 4. Must be a responsible adult (has own car, job, place to live, pays own bills, ect) 5. Must be past the 'crazy partier' stage (been there, done that) Luckily I actually managed to meet a woman that met all these requirements and we've been happily married for almost five years. - /u/stultus-futuo

She must have an insanely huge rack.

Boobs need to go out further than stomach. - /u/ThatDigitalNinja

Well, let's hope these fine gentlemen find the love they're looking for.

Just remember, beggars can't be choosers.

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