Men Reveal The Fantasies They Have While They Jerk Off


Ever wonder if your guy friends have been jerking off while thinking about you? What about the guys you work with? Or that weird guy who sells you your coffee in the mornings?


OK, just kidding. I can't say they have for sure, but I can say it's a possibility.

Now, if we want to entertain this (extremely weird and disturbing) thought one step further, let's talk about what he imagines you doing while he jerks it.

Well, a recent Reddit thread asked men to explain what they fantasize the girls they know doing when they masturbate to the thought of them, and their answers are... interesting:

All it takes is some vaginas and footjobs to do the trick for this dude.

— /u/Aargard

He likes to imagine himself in extremely humiliating situations.

— /u/fiveoclockshade

Just your smile is enough to make these guys bust a nut.

— /u/EndTimesRadio

— /u/Nihilistic_Response

He turns you into a porn star in his mind.

— /u/LanceGrapher

There's one position that does the trick for him.

— /u/pw1016

He imagines coming inside of her.

— /u/RIPelliott

The thought of you wanting him sets him over the edge.

— /u/kylander

The thought of you turned on turns him on.

— /u/PickleChomp

He likes to imagine you looking at him while you give him head.

— /u/GollnirTheSexy

Some doggy style gets him going.

— /u/IAmCheatingonMyWife

He imagines some rough sex.

— /u/wastedfucking

They just want to imagine some good old fashioned smooching.

— /u/knuckleshats

— /u/Dasmshitz

He likes to imagine you moaning.

— /u/st0nedt0theb0ne

All right, well, I hope you're sufficiently creeped out because I KNOW I AM.