Science Says Men Are Attracted To Chests Over Butts Settling The Score Forever


When I asked my own sexual conquest which part of my body they preferred -- butt or boobs -- they said both, which I get. It's like Sophie's choice over here. How could you pick just one perfect part of my hot bod?

But apparently, straight men agree that they would pick breasts over a tushy, for the most part.

The truth is everyone has a different type. Some people like dark eyes; some people like light eyes; some people like boobs... just boobs, a walking pair of boobs.

Recently, 2,017 people in the United States were surveyed by about which type of body they find ideal and which body parts their eyes like to ogle the most.

Straight men seem to be drawn mostly to curvy women, with 48 percent of them choosing that body type over the others. A total of 24.1 percent like average women, 22.4 percent like thin and only 3.8 percent like muscular women.

To which I say, as I always do, it is time to destroy the patriarchy.

Men who liked average and curvy women preferred women's breasts over their butts. But thin-seekers liked butts by a half percentage point.

Meanwhile, gay men tend to look towards the chest and stomach area of their love interests.

A total of 36.1 percent of gay men prefer muscular partners, 26.7 percent like average-bodied men, 18.3 percent like thin partners and 11.1 percent like their men curvy.

I know what you're thinking -- what about the ladies?!

A total of 41.7 percent of straight women said they prefer men with average bodies so congratulations guys with dad bods -- you continue  not to have to try at all. Aim for that lowest star.

And 35.8 percent of straight women like their men with some muscle.

The study also revealed that 35.9 percent of gay woman like average body types, with 30.1 percent preferring curvy women and 11.2 percent like women with a muscular build.

Straight women all agree that a man's arms are the part they like to put their creepy peepers on, while gay women like women's chests, so they have that in common with straight dudes.

As for myself, I prefer my ladies to be able to open pickle jars and bench press-me at least 14 times.

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