Girl Tests BF With Prank Using Kim Kardashian Look-Alike And The Two Have Sex

by Tim McGovern

Not only did curiosity kill the cat, it led this girlfriend to test her boyfriend with a prank that went horribly awry.

One woman was so convinced her computer technician boyfriend would stray if tempted, she tested him with a Kim Kardashian look-alike stripper thanks to the "help" of YouTube's "To Catch A Cheater."

Needless to say, this prank backfired. Her computer technician BF cheated in a way that probably megahertz for his girlfriend (get it? Megahertz? Because he fixes... computers. I'll go).

Red flag number one: No one shows up to the door in a towel unless they're meaning to seduce you or they're me when I forget I ordered PostMates and have to run to the door sopping wet in a towel.


This place smelled dank, and the chances of cheating were high as a kite. Weed... it's truly the Devil's Lettuce.


OK, whoa there! TMI, Kim Kardashian stunt double. Also, is that really a problem that affects laptops? It's news to me. *Has to restart laptop because of the 147 viruses simultaneously running on it*


By "private show," I assume she doesn't mean a one-woman play of the first act of "The Pirates of Penzance," which is upsetting because that's my fetish.


And then, it wasn't long before they actually boned.

OK, while I kind of agree the "test" shouldn't have gone from hypothetical to physical, what was this woman thinking entrapping her boyfriend in this horrible prank?


It looks like he wouldn't do so well on an STI test, either. BURN! (Literally... he's probably feeling a burning sensation right about now.)

However, even if he didn't cheat, how could this relationship progress after this public embarrassment?

Unfortunately, I think the only lesson learned here is not to use "To Catch A Cheater" to settle your issues with commitment and loyalty with your SO.

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