What Guys Think It Means If You Don't Spend The Night After Hooking Up

Ian Pratt

You just had a great night at your hookup's apartment. It's 4 am, and now, you must ask yourself the inevitable question: Do I spend the night?

We've all been there. It's so warm in his bed, and it's cold and miserable outside... so spending the night doesn't sound half bad. Then again, your bed at home is your sanctuary. How could you give that up for one night in a smelly, messy apartment and a (probably) half-assed cooked breakfast?

There's also the question of what HE will think if you spend the night. If you do, will he think you're way too eager to take things to ~another level~? If you don't, will he just see you as a slutty one-night stand?

And what if you actually WANT to take things to another level? Will you give the wrong impression if you leave, even if you're really craving your bed right now?

Guys on Reddit soothed our insecurities and let us know what they think if you don't spend the night (or if you don't let them spend the night).

For this guy, it depends on how long you've been dating.

This guy thinks it would be weird after a couple of months.

This guy won't "hold [you] hostage."

This guy just wants you to talk about it with him.

It depends on the nature of the relationship for this guy.

This guy would base his opinion off of what he already knows about you.

This guy would rather not have sex with you at all.

This guy understands why.

To this guy, you are "dream material."

This guy is... extremely nice.

This guy would see it as a casual thing.

And this guy would be PUMPED.