Guys Reveal How They Really Feel About Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex

by Candice Jalili
Stocksy/Brian Powell

Making the decision to abstain from sex until marriage is a brave one in this day and age, given how popular random hookups are. And to be honest, it's a decision I really respect. As far as I'm concerned, it's your body, so it's your rules. If you don't want to have sex until you're married, go for it.

But sometimes, even the person with the most staunchly traditional beliefs can wonder, "Is waiting until marriage worth it?" Well, if that's what you believe in and what you want to be doing, then let me be clear here: THE ANSWER IS YES. But if you're wondering what that guy you just started dating really thinks about that decision, a recent Reddit thread might give you some insight.

A woman saving herself for marriage recently asked men on Reddit to answer the question, "What are your thoughts on waiting for sex until marriage?" Read along and find out for yourself here.

These guys respect the decision, but it would be a deal breaker.

These guys say they respect the decision, but are still pretty rude about it.

These guys don't even pretend to respect the decision.

Sex is too vital for these guys.

These guys urge someone waiting until marriage to keep on keeping on.

This guy is waiting, too.

This guy wishes he were waiting for marriage.

Again, please, please, please don't let the opinions of some random dudes online influence your decision. If you want to wait until marriage, YOU DO YOU.

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