Guys Share Their Favorite Piece Of Clothing To Take Off A Girl During A Hookup

by Candice Jalili

Taking off your clothes during a hookup is obviously an all-around hot experience.

But have you ever wondered which article of your clothing is your guy's FAVORITE to take off?

Well, wonder no further. A recent Reddit thread asked guys what their favorite article of clothing is to take off a woman and, BOY, DID THEY ANSWER.

Read along as 18 guys reveal their favorite pieces to slip off your bod. Spoiler: there's lots of "bras" and "panties."

This guy isn't picky, but he does have a favorite.

Everything, really. Slowly and steady. "But what if you are really horny?," you may ask. Eh... her bra. Because bouncing breasts turn me on a lot.

— GustavoM

This guy is all about saving the bra for last.

A bra. You have to leave the boobs in until the very last bit. You slowly pull the bra away until the boobs must finally fall out, and that drop at the end is just yummy.

— SirSkeptic

This guy loves taking off any and all undergarments.

Underwear... Bra and panties. Because all that view of a part of heaven is just too rewarding.

— M0hammed_Khaled

This guy is into feet.

Socks. Feet are so playful.

— Mutantninjatroll

This guy likes to take off her pants from behind.

Pants from behind because I love me some ass.

— RevengeOfKingDiccolo

This guy likes taking off panties because that means GO TIME.

The panties, because then I know it's absolutely go time. All the other articles are better when she takes them off, because I'd rather not bother.

— Villaintine

This guy is a big fan of the bustier.

A bustier, by far. I love undoing all the little clasps as it reveals more and more of her back.

— captainfrobie

This guy loves ripping open snaps.

She has a button up shirt where the buttons snap together. One quick rip and its open. I love that.

— WillieMaysHayes810

This guy likes to take her top off.

Their top/shirt.

— josephineblack

This guy wants to peel off some panties.

Panties. I like it when they're a little bit stuck to her.

— transam42069

This is a simple man who knows what he wants.


— detective_shitcunt

This guy just wants justice to be served.

The shirt she stole. Give that back!

— donglory1138

This guy loves the way bras open.

A bra, it opens in such a satisfying way.

— LordFiresnake

It doesn't matter what it is for this guy, as long as it's the last one.

The last one. Then they're naked, and that's wonderful.

— SleepWouldBeNice

This guy loves unbuttoning a shirt with nothing underneath.

Unbuttoning a shirt or pajama top with nothing underneath it, stopping to kiss the newly exposed skin with each button.


This guy has some very specific reasons why he chooses the bra.

A bra, because: a sense of accomplishment and boobies.

— speccynerd

This guy likes to take off a nicely fitted sweater.

I like taking off a tight-fitting sweater. Especially if she's not wearing a bra. I like to pull it up until her boobs pop out and I usually have her head covered so I suck on her nipples for a bit, pull the sweater up a bit more to reveal her mouth while covering her eyes and I make out with her. After that we go to pound town.

— fallout52389