Guys Share Their Favorite Piece Of Clothing To Take Off A Girl During A Hookup


Taking off your clothes during a hookup is obviously an all-around hot experience.

But have you ever wondered which article of your clothing is your guy's FAVORITE to take off?

Well, wonder no further. A recent Reddit thread asked guys what their favorite article of clothing is to take off a woman and, BOY, DID THEY ANSWER.

Read along as 18 guys reveal their favorite pieces to slip off your bod. Spoiler: there's lots of "bras" and "panties."

This guy isn't picky, but he does have a favorite.

— GustavoM

This guy is all about saving the bra for last.

— SirSkeptic

This guy loves taking off any and all undergarments.

— M0hammed_Khaled

This guy is into feet.

— Mutantninjatroll

This guy likes to take off her pants from behind.

— RevengeOfKingDiccolo

This guy likes taking off panties because that means GO TIME.

— Villaintine

This guy is a big fan of the bustier.

— captainfrobie

This guy loves ripping open snaps.

— WillieMaysHayes810

This guy likes to take her top off.

— josephineblack

This guy wants to peel off some panties.

— transam42069

This is a simple man who knows what he wants.

— detective_shitcunt

This guy just wants justice to be served.

— donglory1138

This guy loves the way bras open.

— LordFiresnake

It doesn't matter what it is for this guy, as long as it's the last one.

— SleepWouldBeNice

This guy loves unbuttoning a shirt with nothing underneath.


This guy has some very specific reasons why he chooses the bra.

— speccynerd

This guy likes to take off a nicely fitted sweater.

— fallout52389