Guys Hilariously Debate When To Take Their Shirts Off During A Hookup

by Candice Jalili
Carousel Productions (II)


This guy was overthinking things real hard when he decided to post this question on Reddit:

When making out, the girls shirt and bra comes off, when should the guys shirt and or pants come off? When you're about to finger her?

— ashtrahman

Don't worry, people answered. And, it turns out, he's not the only one who's seriously overthinking this whole "when to take your shirt off" thing.

That's right, overthinking isn't just a crazy girl thing after all… It's a crazy EVERYBODY thing. HA, TAKE THAT, BOYS.

Read along and LOL at how much thought goes into exactly when your guy takes his shirt off mid-makeout.

It's a non-issue for this guy.

I never wear shirts when I'm pre-coital.

— choiboy05

This guy's got bigger fish to fry.

When she takes it off for me. The more important and awkward question is at what moment do you get the socks off? And how do you do it without looking unsexy?

— DrDiarrhea

This guy is chill vibes all around.

Whenever you feel like it.

— B0000000BS

As long as you're about to do the dirty, it's fair game for this guy.

It should basically all be good as soon as you're alone and things are progressing towards sex.

— Coidzor

This guy's trying to get shirtless ASAP.

Whenever you would like for your shirt to come off. Preferably sooner rather than later.

— ffreudiannipss

It's all about the titties for this guy.

When the bra comes off so I can feel her breasts against my chest.

— Sir_Doughnut

When she puts her hands under his shirt, it's go time for this guy.

When she starts putting her hands under it is a good sign that it's time.

— volkl47

This guy's too swole for it to even be a choice.

It explodes into scraps when I flex, so then.

— Goatsonice

This guy lets his insecurities make the decision for him.

Soon as I get rid of this gut.

— retrospectr3

As far as this guy's concerned, the lady calls the shots.

Usually when she wants it to come off, which ends up being around the same time hers comes off.

— jacby

This guy came up with a handy little poem in case he ever forgets.

Don't look silly, Show your pecs before your willy~

— Defective_Prototype

It's GOTTA come off before the pants, according to this guy.

Whenever you want it to come off. I'd take it off when her shirt comes off though. But don't take your pants off before you take off your shirt, you'll just look silly.

— RevengeOfKingDiccolo