For The Men And The Ladies, 12 Traits A Man Should Seek In The 'Woman Of His Dreams'

by James Teague

I will say, first and foremost, there is no such thing as "the perfect woman.” Most of us already know there is not a soul in this world that can achieve perfection. With that said, for all the guys still living the single life and having trouble determining what traits to look for in their "dream woman," look no further.

A dream woman may not exactly be what we would call the "perfect woman," but rather, the traits she possesses might lead some to believe that she is, in fact, perfect. So, to the fellas having a hard time figuring out what traits to look for in a woman, here are the 12 traits to keep in mind when searching for the woman of your dreams. To the ladies reading this, take some notes.

A woman that is God-fearing.


I know that some of you may not be religious, or even believe in God, at all. But you should take a look at the Bible. Trust me, you'll find a lot of insight in the Bible, which you can relate to and learn from, especially when it comes to your life troubles. A woman of God is someone who will help you to go far in life. She can help motivate you, keep you levelheaded when things get tough, and help you become a better overall person.

Now I'm not talking about extremists, also known as the Super-Christians we all see on television, or those seen on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. I'm talking about a woman who has a deep genuine love for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You'll be surprised at the things you learn from her.

A woman with a great sense of humor.

I can contest for every guy when I say there is nothing like a woman with a good sense of humor. Most men like to joke around, and it's always a buzz kill when a chick doesn't have a good sense of humor to laugh with us. When a woman has no sense of humor, it sets us back for when we want to lighten up the mood of things.

There is nothing wrong with a woman having a goofy side. A goofy and silly side is a turn on. It helps make situations less stressful and more laid back. Plus, laughing is one of the greatest cures for anything.

A woman willing to be adventurous.

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Women down to explore and have a little fun make for great companions. Let's face it, nobody wants a boring female in their company. We also know that boring females don't receive the spotlight in most settings. Whether you’re out trying to do hood rat things with your friends, getting trippy, or taking risks, a lady that is not afraid to get down and dirty when the time comes is an essential to a fruitful life. Ladies, live it up, and take risks. These adventurous times make for great memories.

A woman that let's nature take its natural course.


A woman who lets things naturally occur is a keeper. We often hear about females attempting to force a relationship or some sort of progression on a guy. Here's a tip for all you ladies: you can't force change on a guy, especially when he isn't ready to change. I'm not saying that change is a bad thing; however, it's better when you sit back and let the change happen naturally for itself.

When changed is forced, it often backfires. A lot of guys are not ready to change, especially if they are still at a young age where they can have their cake and eat it, too. Forcing change on a man is going to lead him astray. Guys, find a woman who likes to go with the flow.

A woman that knows what she wants.


It makes it so much easier for guys when a woman lets us know up front what her intentions are. Whether it's for a relationship, casual sex, or a friends-with-benefits type of thing, when a woman knows exactly what she wants and is not up for games, she usually gets what she wants. Plus, we don't have to sit there and read her mind. Some guys like to know what a woman's intentions are right off the bat, so there won't be any confusion or beating around the bush.

It's all about communication. A woman who can tell you what's on her mind is somewhat difficult to find these days. Often when we ask a woman what’s wrong, she tends to say she’s fine, but we both know there is something wrong. Another tip for you ladies: we hate it when we have to sit there and attempt to figure out your mind. We are not mind readers. There is no reason why you should get mad because we supposedly didn’t take the time to figure out what is wrong with you. If you had said what was wrong in the first place, rather than expect us to have magically read your mind, then you would have never been mad at all.

A woman that has self-worth.

When looking for a woman, not all guys are willingly down for a serious relationship - at least not at that exact moment. However, some guys do actually value the worth of a woman. In other words, they want to know for sure if the woman of their dreams is really worth it. Sometimes we come across women who may look like they are well put together, but after getting to know them, they turn out to be nothing more than a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. That is why most guys may refuse a woman’s desire to take things to the next level - we're not trying to deal with foolishness.

A woman that values fitness.

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Kudos to all the women who manage to stay in shape. There is nothing like a woman whose motive is "Get it right; Get it tight.” I mean, let's face it. I don't think too many guys prefer unfit women. No offense to all my guys who are proud chubby chasers. One of the traits a woman possesses, which catches a man’s attention aside from the face, is her body. Nothing like a woman with a nice tight stomach, itty-bitty waist, round buttocks, and nice legs.

A woman that doesn't go out, but still can show out.

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No man wants a woman that is always out on the scene. But no man really wants a woman that is a bore either. She doesn't have to be in the spotlight. However, when she does get in the spotlight, she knows how to work it. She knows how to have fun. She knows how "turn-up" and catch attention of those around her. And it makes you look like even more of the man, especially if she is all up on you at your favorite local hotspots, where all the fake ballers and dimes reside.

A woman that isn't annoying.

An annoying aura is one of the worst traits a guy can ever encounter in a woman. A woman that never appreciates anything and complains about everything is simply a pain in the ass. Even when things are going well and she is getting her way, she'll still complain. When a woman shows signs of appreciation and doesn't complain when she fails to get her way, she’s worth keeping around. Men don't want to deal with all that nagging. When a woman nags at a guy, it is time for him to tune her out.

A woman unafraid of being submissive.

This trait is tough to find in females of Generation-Y. Some are afraid of being submissive to the wrong person, while other females feel as though they shouldn't be submissive at all. Either way it goes, it is the job for both the male and female to submit to each other in a way that contributes to the growth of the relationship.

A lot of people think that when you become submissive, it means you're weak. That is not the case. There is nothing wrong with being submissive, as long as you don't submit to the wrong person. There is a difference between being submissive and being just flat out stupid.

A woman that can understand sports talk, or is willing to learn.

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Women who like to watch sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball, for the sake of the game and not just to see their favorite attractive players, is a woman we appreciate. A girl who tries too hard to talk about sports and doesn't know a lick about the game is a huge turn off, and nine times out of ten, we'll just send you to where you belong: the kitchen.

A woman that can cook.


Women that can cook are a gift of God. Growing up in our parents’ households, most of us men are used to momma always cooking us an A-1 dinner. It's scary to know that in 2013, more and more girls don't know how to cook, but can rolls blunts, make drinks, and take drinks to the head like men. Not saying that it isn't entirely a bad thing, but c'mon now. There are two things a guy loves a girl to do: give him the best sex of his life and cook him the best food of his life.

Food and sex save relationships, especially after coming home from a long day of dealing with the crap the world serves you. Now fellas, even though she needs to know how to cook, it doesn't mean we’re excused from knowing a few tricks in the kitchen, as well. You can't have your woman cooking for you all the time. She, too, needs to be waited on every now and then.