The Pros And Cons Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship

by Anonymous

It’s 11:30 pm. The sun has set and hormones are flying. What some may refer to as the witching hour, others refer to as the perfect time to start thinking about a booty call.

And, like clockwork, your cellphone vibrates with a text saying something along the lines of “hey did you go out tonight?” or maybe they’ll change it up a bit by saying, “what are you doing?” Whatever the text may ask, the subtext of that text is a question on most 20-somethings' minds during nights out… are you down to f*ck?

Our generation has subscribed to a hookup culture that requires very little effort from either gender regarding getting laid. Many depend on the f*ck buddy, or what some call a "friend with benefits."

Basically, this means that you have someone, maybe a friend with whom you’ve hooked up, whom you call whenever the mood strikes. Or maybe, you have a random hookup that turned into a friends with benefits situation and your relationship consists mostly of drunken sex.

If you’ve ever had one of these relationships, you know that they can be very tricky. There is a lot of grey area to navigate in an increasingly casual affair.

I have seen extremely successful f*ck buddy relationships in which ultimately, the two people stay friends and remain completely cordial. But, I have also seen the dark side where one person’s feelings get hurt and the whole relationship pretty much blows up in their faces (metaphorically, not physically).

Having a f*ck buddy is great, especially if you’re a busy person. And, with technology, having friends with benefits is easier than ever before.

You can get the cream in the cupcake without any effort! What’s better than that? But in reality, not everyone can handle what such a relationship requires, so check out some of the pros and cons for a Gen-Yer to have a f*ck buddy:


Some of us are very busy and don’t have time for a full-blown relationship. Some of us just don’t want one because of the drama they generally bring.

When you are a 20-something person, you have needs and unless you want to sleep with a bunch of people, a f*ck buddy is the perfect way to meet your needs without blowing up your numbers. It’s the type of relationship where you can have hot sex, then high five and peace out.

If you go into this arrangement with the right mindset, it can be a really fun experience. It all really depends on the person. If you are very independent and know that you don’t get too emotionally attached, then hell, go for it.

But if you find yourself having feelings of attachment to people quickly, RUN FOR THE HILLS. Remember, friends with benefits turning into a relationships can happen, but it is the exception, not the rule.


If you are the type to get attached, then do not enter a friends with benefits relationship. I repeat, run away and go buy a vibrator, or something. If you are someone who falls in love every other day, then a “f*ck buddy” isn’t for you.

If you’re going to be attached, you are guaranteed to get screwed (emotionally, after you get screwed physically). If you are this type of person, but still want to have a f*ck buddy anyway, just make sure to mentally prepare yourself and set ground rules (like no cuddling).

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