This Election Is Completely Ruining Women's Sex Lives, Science Says


As if the election wasn't already doing enough of a number on every other realm of your life, a new survey finds it's also figured out a way to ruin your sex life.

Ugh, like, GTFO election.

Isn't it already bad enough I have to choose between pure evil and slightly-less pure evil as my two options for who I want to run my nation? And now, apparently, I can't get any nookie, either?! SO ANNOYING.

The survey was conducted by Kindara, an app made to help women keep an eye on their fertility cycles. Kindara published their findings from the informal poll of 928 users in a blog post early last week.

Researchers found stress from the election is affecting a lot of the respondents' sex drives.

So what were some of the juiciest findings? Let me break it down for you.

Democrat women are having more trouble with this year's election than Republican women are. While 19 percent of female Democrats admitted the election has been messing with their sex lives, only 9 percent of Republicans said the same.

According to the findings, the lack of sex drive for Democrat women in particular could be a side-effect of the stress related to the fact that Donald Trump might win.

Because, as we all know, a Trump presidency would pretty much mean the end of women's rights.

This sex-related stress could also be due to the fact that 33 percent of Democratic women admitted to have slept with someone with different political views. Perhaps they feel guilty about sleeping with the enemy?

33 percent of Democratic women admitted to have slept with people with different political views.

Overall, just the thought of Election Day is a turnoff for Republican and Democrat women. Fifty-five percent of Republican women and 75 percent of Democrat women said they were more excited about voting on Election Day than they were about having sex.

This all being said, the study was very informal (respondents were just users of the app who were willing to take the poll), so its findings shouldn't be taken too seriously.

But, man, for a guy who's disgustingly grabbed a lot of pussies in his day, Trump sure seems to be drying up a whole bunch of them this election season.

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