Guys Admit What They Do With The Nude Pics You Send Them

by Sheena Sharma
Dimitrije Tanaskovic

Have you ever wondered if the guy you sent nudes to shares those pics with his friends? Yeah, me too. (That's why Reddit threads where guys spill their guts are amazing.)

In an ideal world, a guy wouldn't share a girl's nudes with other people. But the rational part of me knows better: A guy would likely want some opinions, or to show off the pictures he got.

Hey, if a guy sent me a nude photo of him, I'd probably have a group chat about it with all my girl friends. But that's just me.

Here are 10 guys on whether they've ever showed people a girl's nudes:

This guy saves the good stuff for IRL:

I would show in person but would never send it to anyone.

— Jordan-S

This guy is too private:

The fact that a lot of people share private things with other people is the reason why I would never allow someone to record me doing things. Nope nah never not happening. You probably should just not do that anymore tbh.

— ffreudiannipss


This guy deletes them when he breaks up with her:

They get deleted once were [sic] no longer seeing one another.

— TeamOnBack

This guy has only showed pictures of his ex once:

Like most have said, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Personally I have never shown pictures of the girl I am currently seeing to any friends. However, I have drunkenly showed a friend pictures of my ex before.

— VirginBlaster


I just put it on pornhub.

— myshieldsforargus

According to this guy, only a certain kind of guy shares them:

I never share but i know some guys who do. Its really easy to tell what sort of guys will share nudes.

— dicklord_airplane

This guy thinks sending a girl's nudes is "fucking rude":

i used to sometimes when i was in my teens/early 20s since i was an asshole. i dont anymore because its kind of fucking rude.

— h-cho

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This guy says most guys send them:

Most guys do. Most means 99.99% 0.01 percent won't.

— M0hammed_Khaled

This guy has them but won't share:

I never share them. Basically my rule is, we both own them. If one of us wants them deleted, they'll get deleted. I keep the vids/pics in encrypted form so even if my computer was stolen/looked through, nobody would get to them.

— girraween

This guy admits guys will share them if they weren't really attached to the person:

Some guys show other guys pictures of [sic] videos of people they have never had a thing with.

— Planet-Veldin

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