Why Women Hold All The Power When It Comes To The Dating Game

by William J

The chase. The flirting. The power struggle. It’s a lot of fun, however, as a guy, I have realized that though men can be as attractive, confident and charming as ever, they still may get nowhere.

The male in the relationship may handle a lot of the logistical communication of setting up dates, but taking a lead isn’t all that matters in the dating game. Women are far more intelligent than the men in the game.

That’s right, I said it. Women are smarter when it comes to dating — they hold all of the cards.

A guy can throw his best game, have all the money in the world, wear all the best clothes and have a healthy social life, but ultimately, the woman decides. Men effectively ask for permission to date the "fairer" gender.

Women are a lot stronger and more intelligent at the game; they can get whomever they want, because they have choice. Most women have plenty of men who vie for their attention, which allows women to pick and choose who to date.

I have recently discovered that we, as men, cannot change a woman's opinion of us. They either want to date us or they don't. Simple.

No amount of game playing will change it. Don't naively believe that she may change her opinion of you from being platonic after you've already been rejected. If she keeps you around, it’s for an ego boost. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Women may not like it when guys check them out, but if they’re wearing tight-fitting dresses and subsequently complain about the attention they draw, it comes across as extremely naive, stupid or both.

Women know when they look amazing in an outfit; when it shows off their bodies in the best possible light to attract. Women in relationships shouldn't stop going the extra mile to impress their other halves — it’s important to keep your partners interested!

Regardless, don't complain because you know exactly what you’re doing when you wear that dress. It’s not an invitation for creeps to capitalize, of course, but the purpose of a nice dresses is to look good.

Anyway, when I said that we, as men, can be as chivalrous, charming, funny and attractive as the next guy, it comes with the caveat that ultimately, women have the power to say yes or no. So do your best to impress them and be different than the rest of the guys. Don't think you’re entitled — be yourself.

But since women hold most of the power, whatever you do may not be enough in this losing battle — just do your best to be the best you.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr