'Cuffin Season' Returns, But Is Autumn For Love Or Lust?

My favorite season of the year is autumn. I love the fall. Undoubtedly, it's partly due to the fact that I live in New York City and in New York City just about every other season is unbearable. It's also likely that it has a bit to do with the need to put on layers, allowing for conservatively sexy attire unfitting for the rest of the year. I'm that guy that would rather see a woman wearing a knee length dress that hugs her curves than a bikini passed off as club attire.

Out of all the seasons of the year, women look the best in the fall — spring is a close second. It's likely that the same goes for men. Let's be honest… putting on layer hides most of our little imperfections, giving the illusion of near perfection. The real question is not whether or not you will find others attractive during autumn, but rather how you will deal with it. As always there are two options — other than pesky abstinence. You can either live the single life and buzz from rosebud to rosebud or you can settle on one and call it home. The problem is that fall usually brings with it the air of longing for commitment.

Let us assume that you don't plan on being a hermit this mating, I mean autumn, season. Are you going to be hunting for today's dinner or do you plan to collect and to store for the upcoming winter months? Are you a wolf or a squirrel? There are pros and cons to both — both being acceptable as long as you know that it is exactly what you want. Often at times people convince themselves that they want something, only to later break and own up to the fact that they got themselves in over their heads. I've told myself that I was ready to be in a relationship before only to have broken a pair of hearts.

This, however, also goes for when we convince ourselves that we want to play it single, go out and meet new people, having flings left and right — only to later realize that the other person is doing the same and that we would actually like to have them for ourselves exclusively. The beauty of this upcoming season is that we can have both. All we need to do is understand the pros and cons of both and let the dice fall as they may.

Being single in the months of September to December is — let's be honest — f*cking amazing. The temperature is just right, the night comes earlier and earlier, cocktails simply taste…better. After the traveling done during the summer holidays, it's as if all the locals come back and decide it's time to find some local loving; buy local, fornicate local as the saying goes. The cooler it gets outside, the less likely we are to plan on traveling and instead want to find companionship a quick subway or taxi ride away.

Bars, lounges, clubs or restaurants are all great places to meet men or women — I mean, as long as there's booze involved, what's not a good place? Am I right? If you are looking to make the rounds and have your way with whomever, then the fall is perfect. It's as if every single person in (at least in NYC) is down to get down. All that kinky sh*t you're into, but can never find a partner to participate in is definitely doable. People's inhibitions have a tendency of disappearing in the autumn, as does the heat.

Unfortunately, all those people that you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole don't just disappear. In fact, once you get used to having something fresh-squeezed several times a week, mix in a bit of alcohol and party favors and chances are that that disease ridden 4 is going to look more like a robust 7. After several fall seasons, one is likely to get disillusioned and look for something more stable — and sanitary.

Finding yourself more meaningful encounters may be the way to go. With the winter season approaching, many will come to conclude that sleeping would be more pleasant were there a warm body to snuggle up to. Dating during the fall is fantastic in itself; there is no better time to go for walks, do sightseeing, watch the leafs turn color, to get drunk off Hot-Toddy's and go at it on your windowsill while the cool autumn breeze whispers along her lower backside. Fall is the perfect incubator for love — it's the median between extreme seasons and a precursor to the cold months ahead when having a companion is most often desired.

The question remains: what is it that you want this autumn season? Ultimately, it depends only on you. No matter whether you are looking for quick flings or a more loving arrangement, both are possible and probable as long as you put yourself out there. Will you be going on the hunt to get some fresh booty on a biweekly basis? Or do you want someone that looks forward to going on long walks and holding your hand?

Will you be comfortable with giving out rides like it's your job or will you eventually begin to feel disgusted with yourself? Will you be happy having someone there for the longer run or will you get bored shortly and do some damage to both you and the person you've been leading on. Don't forget… while the following winter may be long, spring is sure to follow. And then come out the sundresses and sleeveless shirts. Are you sure you want that relationship? Maybe you can manage to find the ultimate autumn arrangement and find someone laidback enough to just let things ride out and take you where they may — hopefully to orgasmic bliss.