People Think These Donut Condoms Might Be Encouraging Rape And They're Pissed

by Candice Jalili
Stocksy/Mauro Grigollo

When it comes to sex, there are a lot of important questions. Did you enjoy it? Did you have an orgasm? Did you use a condom? Are you on the pill? Did your partner get tested recently? Do you know your partner? Do you like your partner? Are you both on the same page about what this relationship is? But there's one question that supersedes the rest in importance: Was everything consensual? A company called Consent Condoms strives to make condoms that highlight the importance of that last question. But unfortunately, a design flaw in Consent Condoms' donut condoms might have missed the mark a little bit. And by "a little bit," I mean lot.

The company, whose mission statement reads, "We created a line of Consent Condoms™ that we believe will start a conversation about how to ask for consent before engaging in any sexual activity," just released a new line of condoms that, if anything, have people thinking they look like they're encouraging pretty much the opposite message.

The condom features the picture of a donut, followed by the words "GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT" boldly written across the package. The point, as clearly stated by the clever Twitter user below, is to have the donut be a pun for "do not," making the intended message "Donut go further without consent." But when the words "GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT" are boldly typed across a condom package, people start to get freaked out, and puns aren't quite as cute.

Elite Daily reached out to Consent Condoms for comment but did not hear back by time of publication.

Refinery29 reported that the controversial condoms were brought to the public's attention when one person, Reddit user wrags23, came across them at a safe sex campaign on campus. Upon further questioning from other users, wrags23 explained, "They were just in a basket on the front desk of the dorms, and this was the only design."

People across the internet were baffled at how this questionable design was approved.

Some people just straight up didn't get it.

If she couldn't get it as a sober, 30-year-old woman, how is a drunk frat boy going to understand?

Even just having the donut as a mascot is a tad problematic.

Here's another "genius" idea!

Despite this design fail, Consent Condoms actually has had some success with its other more well-thought-out condoms.

Like this one that makes it clear why rape happens.

Or this one that reminds users that "yes" is the sexiest thing your partner can say.

And this necessary reminder.

And this one!

Or my personal favorite.

I would hate for one stupid pun to overshadow all of the awesome work Consent Condoms has done to promote consent with their normally clever packages, but the donut design has seriously GOT TO GO. Like ASAP.

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