The Things You Didn't Know About Condoms

By Julian Sonny

The age-old effort to not get girls pregnant, or catch an STD, has plagued many generations of men before us and will continue to as this truly is nature’s double-edged sword.

However luckily, and unfortunately, there are condoms which although protect us make the experience considerably less enjoyable. And while most of us use these on a regular basis, not too many people are educated on the history of the rubber.

These are the things you didn’t know about condoms.

10. The first latex condoms date back to 1855.

9. Valentine’s Day is also National Condom Day.

8. A condom can hold about a gallon of liquid.

7. Condoms have been sold in vending machines since 1928.

6. American soldiers use condoms to protect rifle barrels from clogging.

5. The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom is a 15,000-year-old painting on cave wall in France.

4. When it comes to HIV,using a condom makes sex 10,000 times safer than not using a condom.

3. The world's largest condom was 220 feet long and covered the Obelisk in Buenos Aires, Argentina to promote World AIDS Day.

2. In Germany they are called “Parisian”, in France – “English hood”, in Italy – “glove”, in Lebanon – “coat” and in South Africa – the “French letter”.

1. Invisible condoms may be next with a gel that hardens according to increased temperatures.