Celebrities Are Rapping About What They Would Do For That D*ck & Honestly Same

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I took a class in college once, and to be honest, I forget what the topic of the class even was, but the professor said something during a lecture that will stick with me forever. He said human beings are motivated by three things and three things only: "power, money, and sex." I remember being skeptical about what he was saying. To me, it seemed overly simplistic. But, as I get older, his words become truer and truer — especially the sex part. And now, these celebrities rapping about what they'd do for that d*ck just goes to show exactly how far we would all go to get some good, old-fashioned loving.

Before we get into the HILARIOUS videos, let me give you some backstory here. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The one where a bunch of celebrities and all of your friends would literally pour buckets of ice water on their heads in support of ALS awareness, and then, they'd post a video of the whole thing on social media, where they would challenge their friends to do the same? Yeah, well this is sort of like that, except it's funnier and not exactly for a charitable cause. (I said "sort of"!!!!) It's a new trend on social media called the "For The D*ck Challenge," operating under the hashtag #ForThatDickChallenge.

Along with the hashtag, celebrities and regular people alike are posting freaking HILARIOUS videos of themselves rapping to the same beat about exactly what they would do for that d*ck. Celebrities ranging from Issa Rae, star of HBO's Insecure, to break-out female rapper Cardi B are laying down dope beats about just how far they would REALLY go for that d*ck. And, trust me, they would go really far.

Check them out for yourself here.

Regina Hall would go to Mars for the d*ck, and Issa Rae would CANCEL HER SHOW.

Some of my other favorite lines? Issa raps, "I might start a war for that d*ck, Kim Jung make him say UHH for that d*ck."

Cardi B would... kidnap herself for that d*ck?

But wait for the second line! She would then proceed to make her "parents pay the ransom for that d*ck." Genius, evil plan, all for the d*ck. Also, she would give away any of her cousins to the Illuminati. So that's nuts.

Sanaa Lathan would go blond for that d*ck.

Better yet, she has gone blonde for that d*ck. Also, surprise ending: She's gone BALD for that d*ck.

Erykah Badu would fight Hurricane Maria for that d*ck.

Also, she would "ride a missile from Korea for the d*ck." So, like, she would literally DIE for that d*ck.

Dreezy would play step mom to your children for that d*ck.

As if becoming a mother figure to another woman's child wasn't enough, Dreezy also keeps her "pussy bomb like Osama for that d*ck."

Tiffany Haddish would change a tire for that d*ck.

Also, she would go 100 in a 30 for that d*ck. Yep, that's right. She would speed for some sweet, sweet D. And steal her mama's car to go for the long drive!!!

Keke Palmer ain't got no time for that d*ck, but Tyga would scream for p*ssy.

So I guess my college professor was right. People really are motivated by sex. Not that I ever really doubted him, to be honest.

But how far would YOU go for that d*ck? Would you steal your mom's car like Tiffany Haddish? Would you ride a missile from Korea like Erykah Badu? Would you go bald like Sanaa Lathan? Would you kidnap yourself and make your parents pay the ransom like Cardi B?????

Whatever the case, comment your answers (and maybe your raps) below.

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