These Foods Could Make Your Birth Control Less Effective And We're Really Bummed

What woman doesn't have some sort of fear about her birth control?

Aside from the obvious worries — like the chance of an unplanned pregnancy or negative side effects — these pills have the power to react with other substances in the body, and not in a good way.

Though women might believe they are taking the proper precautions with birth control, the way in which their oral medicine reacts with other foods they've consumed could do more harm than good.


Delish revealed four foods that have the potential to negatively impact birth control pills' effectiveness, and the list is definitely a bit of a bummer.

Though it might be difficult parting ways with these snacks, it's definitely worth knowing what you should and shouldn't eat one you're on the pill.

Here are the four foods that could be cause for concern, according to Delish's findings.

1. Detox tea

Although it seems like a healthy route, indulging in detox tea can negatively impact your birth control pill.

When you're using something as a laxative, your body is ridding itself of everything it digested — including the pills you took.

Though Delish states that some products warn people of the potential risks, detox tea intake is definitely something to monitor or eliminate when taking oral birth control, according to the article.

Nate & Amanda Howard

2. Activated charcoal

Though activated charcoal is one way to combat the unicorn food trend that seems to have taken over, Delish warns that this substance is used to absorb materials in your stomach.

The pill's main mission has the potential to be counteracted with charcoal.

3. Herbal supplements

The fact that the FDA doesn't regularly weigh in on the effectiveness of herbal supplements makes it difficult to uncover their reactions with birth control pills, according to the piece.

However, they insist that many supplements can weaken your pill... so that's terrifying.


4. Grapefruit

According to Delish, grapefruit is likely to mess with your birth control's side effects rather than pill effectiveness.

Since grapefruit decreases the breakdown of estrogen, Delish reports that the pill's side effects such as breast soreness or blood clots are likely.


This list can definitely seem overwhelming, so talk to your doctor with any questions about the pill's do's and don't's before you check these off your shopping list.