You Can Get Birth Control Delivered Right To Your Door With This New Service

I will wholeheartedly say making time to go pick up my birth control from the pharmacy is one of the most stressful things I have to deal with on a monthly basis.

YES, I am obviously blessed with a pretty stress-free life. But still. How great would it be if you never even had to worry about going all the way to the pharmacy to get your birth control?

Beyond just helping lazy losers like myself, how great would it be if people with no convenient providers or those with transportation issues had the option of getting their birth control delivered to them?

Luckily, nonprofit organization Bedsider is here to help.

With their new "Delivered To Your Door" campaign, they've created an initiative that will help bring birth control right to your front door.

Using the service is super easy.

First, you click on the "where to get it" tab on the Bedsider website.


Then, you type in your zip code.


Finally, Bedsider shows you a list of nearby providers willing to privately deliver your preferred form of birth control right to your door.

Yes, you guys, that INCLUDES emergency contraceptives like Plan B.


From there, you just choose the provider and the form of birth control that best suit your needs, click on it and set up your delivery.

Self reports the CEO of family planning advocacy organization The National Campaign Ginny Ehrlich said of Bedsider's new initiative,

Millions of women don't have ready access to contraception, either due to not having a convenient local provider that offers the full range of birth control methods or not having the time or transportation to get to a pharmacy. Bedsider's new service is not just a convenience, it's an important tool that helps women more effectively access contraception.

While some pharmacies have already started home delivery options that allow people to get their contraceptives delivered, Bedsider's service provides women with another option to avoid the inconvenient (and often times embarrassing) process of going to the store and picking up their birth control.

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