Attention Guys, Women Are Now Waiting Until Date Number Five To Sleep With You

by Katie Gonzalez

What three date rule?

According to a new study, women are more often waiting until the fifth date before having sex with a new paramore.

The survey, featuring responses from over 2,000 women, determined that single women need at least four dates to assess their compatibility with potential boyfriends.

But wining and dining isn't the only thing necessary for guys to warm their way into women's hearts (and beds).

Many participants of the study, commissioned by dating site, indicated that they expect an average of 12 text conversations, five substantial phone chats and (in the perfect world) a pretty bouquet of flowers before taking things to the next level.

And surprisingly enough, women actually take a lot less time to determine whether or not they're compatible with their dates — according to the study, one in 10 women reported knowing instantly if they were interested in someone or not. Guys, however, need a bit more time.

But totally unsurprisingly, most women have a set of criteria they're looking for during the first date and beyond.

In addition to looking for signs that he's a stage-five clinger, women are asking themselves questions like, "Can he make me laugh?" and "Will it be awkward afterwards?"

Hey, it doesn't hurt to be picky.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It