'Order A Daddy' Sperm Donor App Lets You Swipe Right On Your Next Baby Daddy

Looking for a baby daddy just got way easier and more high-tech.

The UK's London Sperm Bank just launched an app in which women can swipe right to choose a sperm donor for themselves, reports Mashable.

Yeah, if you thought Tinder was new-age... uh... think again.

The app, called "Order A Daddy" (available for download on iTunes or Google Play), features anonymous profiles of donors who are identified by numbers instead of names and photos. You know, to keep things discreet.

However, sperm donor profiles do include the important information you'd want to know, like mini life summaries, medical info and a list of physical characteristics, such as height and hair and eye color. Women can literally handpick their baby daddies according to their personal preferences.

Swipers can add donors to their own "wish lists" or simply place an order for their semen. Once they've paid, that sperm donor's, er, deposits, are sent to a registered local clinic of the swiper's choice.

The wish list function also notifies swipers when a donor who meets their criteria becomes available on the app (in case you've yet to swipe across the biological father of your dreams).

Some professionals in the medical community are praising the novelty and modernity of Order A Daddy. Dr. Kamal Abuja, scientific director of the London Sperm Bank, told the Sunday Times, "This allows a woman who wants to get a sperm donor to gain control in the privacy of her own home and to choose and decide in her own time. We think this is the first-of-its-kind in the world."

But not everyone is on board with this technology. "This is reproduction via the mobile phone," Josephine Quintavalle, director of campaign group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, told The Times. "It's digital dads. Choose Daddy. This is the ultimate denigration of fatherhood."

This is reproduction via the mobile phone.

If you ask me, the app is kind of whack... but in the best possible way. Freedom of choice is always a wonderful thing, whether you're looking for a donor with perfect-sounding DNA (AKA handsome, funny, smart, and successful!), or your next date for Saturday night.

One method just leads to baby-making faster!

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