Adult Film: Has The Line Already Been Crossed?

by Sean Levinson

The porn extremists are quietly staging their takeover of the entire industry as we know it. By porn extremists, I am referring to those who find pleasure in the dominant, aggressive and submissive side of porn.

The people who get off to women being treated like slaves, punished and experiencing a variable amount of pain in the process. I've got nothing against what others find especially arousing or entertaining, I believe everybody in this world has the freedom to not feel ashamed of liking any of the many types of porn available for viewing.

I'm just saying that what used to looked at as a taboo will soon be the norm, thanks to the subtle insertion of different aspects of extreme porn in the majority of standard porn videos found on several popular websites. Chances are if you've watched a porn video in the past few years, you will soon understand the evidence behind this next claim, the center of my argument.

The majority of modern adult videos seen on the internet seem to abide by new standards as to what makes a satisfying, complete video. It's not that they feature the use of whips, chains, or bondage. It's the fact that the females on screen tend to now seem like they enjoy being dominated, punished and physically manipulated like dolls that men can position to their liking. The most noticeable example of this concept? The blowjob.

Porn extremists don't really enjoy a girl looking like she's enjoying herself during foreplay or sex. They like to see a girl who either seems like she is in pain or under the complete control of her male counterpart. Sounds like a modern day blowjob to me.

The standards that a female porn star must fulfill in order to claim that she gives a good blowjob can all be chalked up to the idea that the girl can pretty much abandon all sense of feeling in her face and throat for an extended period of time. She can hold her breath when her air supply is cut off by a giant dick in her mouth that keeps thrusting farther and farther down her throat to the point where the viewer is sure the girl is either go to suffocate or vomit any second.

She doesn't appear to be getting any pleasure out of this because she sounds like she's gagging, choking, or about to throw up. The most quality oral sex is delivered by the girls who will just stay in one position while the man moves her head along with his dick back and forth and the better she is at giving head, the longer she'll continue this process without pulling away for air.

Then there's the closing action of the modern day blowjob, in which the girl has the opportunity to go the extra mile according to today's standards. She can tilt her head back, close her eyes and open her mouth as her reward for nearly choking to death a moment ago is sprayed in her face, hopefully having at least a little of it land in her mouth.

These aren't the actions that transpire in a particularly wild porn video featuring only the girls abnormal enough to find their own suffocation arousing. This is what is required of the majority of female porn stars who have a blowjob scene in their respective production. Since scenes of this nature are now becoming a staple of a standard video, it can be concluded that this is what a good amount of the male population now finds stimulating, the idea of a girl sacrificing her ability to breathe clearly to pleasure the man.

Didn't it used to be considered slightly taboo if you got off to the act of a woman gagging or nearly choking to death? Wasn't it always a little weird if you took pleasure in the images of a girl with semen all over her face or her mouth stuffed to the point where it looks like her jaw will break apart?

This is anything but the case nowadays, thanks, in my eyes to those who favor extreme porn incorporating elements of their enjoyment into the repertoire of the current female porn star. Now there is a scene of the standard adult video that features a girl being treated like a slave, almost tortured that men everywhere take pleasure in watching. Deny it all you want, many of us are fans of an aspect of extreme porn that found its way into our list of stimulating images simply through the use of repetition.

The question is, what's going to (no pun intended) come next? Are other acts pertaining to foreplay or sex in an adult video going to go down the same path as the modern day blowjob? If girls begin to look less and less like they are enjoying themselves in porn for the next days to come, don't say I didn't warn you.

It's evident that adult film is taking a more aggressive turn as of late, but who knows what girls will have to do next to satisfy the S & M influenced male viewer. One thing is for sure: the qualifications for the modern female adult film star are definitely in for a change seeing that their audience has already begun to transform.

Sean Lipton | Elite.